Thursday, July 26, 2012

BLOND 67 - polite driver, but ...

After the Jeep left
At Dunkin' Donuts this morning I paused to speak with the driver of a blue Jeep Wrangler in the handicapped parking place in front of the store in Woodstock. I had noticed that it did not have a handicapped person license plate or a placard displayed from the inside mirror or on the dashboard.

The driver was polite enough. I approached the driver's side window and asked, "Are you aware of the handicapped parking laws?"

Before she could answer, an older woman in the passenger seat asked in a demanding manner, "Are you with the city?" No.

"Are you a police officer?" No.

Then she said, in effect, "Well, then, butt out."

About that time a Dunkin' Donuts employee came out with a to-go bag, and the driver backed out, saying, "We're going now."

Would it have been fair to sic the Woodstock cops on this driver and cost her a $600 ticket, because of her passenger's (her mother?) attitude?

I didn't approach the car with an "attitude". Maybe I saved her a $600 ticket in the future. But her passenger's surly attitude will certainly get her a ticket, if she ever is stopped by a cop for parking or stopping in a handicap spot.


Anonymous said...

At least grandma didnt whip out her piece and say "do ya feel lucky.... well do ya, punk?"

Anonymous said...

Sure that wasn't Grandma Nygren? DOH!

Gus said...

Yep, looks like I dodged that bullet this morning.