Thursday, July 19, 2012

$750,000 to prevent fleeing?

Accused sex offender Isaias L. Hernandez-Bautista, 49, from Harvard is probably trying to figure out how to lay his hands on $75,000, so a key will turn in the right lock at the McHenry County Jail.

But I wonder if something is out of order. Supposedly, when Hernandez-Bautista was first arrested, he was released upon posting a $15,000 bond. When he was released on what was probably a hot day, ICE was at the door and grabbed him. According to this morning's Northwest Herald, he was turned over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in Jefferson County.

Now, you do know where Jefferson County is, don't you? That's down by Mt. Vernon, where Beth Bentley may have vanished two years ago. Distance to Jefferson County? 300 miles! Why didn't ICE just house him in McHenry County? Was it Jefferson County's "turn", regardless of expense?

How didn't they house him in McHenry County? That would have made sense, of course. I guess that's why they didn't do it.

The McHenry County State's Attorney's office is afraid he might flee the U.S., since he has been here illegally for 14-15 years and in Harvard for 11 years. Apparently, Hernandez-Bautista could waive deportation proceedings, and then ICE might ship him out of the U.S. in as short a time as a week. Do they buy him a plane ticket or give him a bus ride?

In Harvard, illegally, for 11 years. Nice, huh?

What happens now? If he waives deportation proceedings, does McHenry County send a couple of jailers to Jefferson County to bring him back to a bed in Hotel Nygren? For how long? Months until a trial? And if he posts a bond, will he disappear?

If he is convicted and his new (prison) neighbors find out that the victim was a child younger than age 8, he might wish he gotten out of the U.S. and back to Mexico.

Hernandez-Bautista is represented by Kililis, Ridings & Vonau.

Readers are reminded that, in the U.S., an accused is considered innocent until found guilty. Even if they are illegal aliens.


woodstockabdicate said...

"And if he posts a bond, will he disappear?" Just when you think it cannot get any stupider....

Gus said...

And the reason you think he won't disappear?

Anonymous said...

He's been hiding in plain sight for 11 years already. He is already invisible.

woodstockabdicate said...

You asked the question, hence the quotation marks. Of course he'll flee. Clear enough for you?

Mike said...

If Mchenry Country is not approved to house federal prisoners they didn't need to go that far south. I know for certain Will County jail in joliet is authorized and willing.

Gus said...

The McHenry County Jail does house Federal prisoners, ICE detainees and those sentenced to the County Jail right here in our courts. It seems, though, that the Feds are pulling back on housing prisoners here. Can they house them for economically elsewhere? Or are there problems with some of the inspections?