Thursday, July 19, 2012

MCC in the travel business?

Why is McHenry County College in the travel business? Why is MCC competing with private enterprise? Should travel and vacations be offered by the travel agents in the area and not by a publicly-funded college?

The Northwest Herald was kind enough to give about eight column-inches of space to MCC's April 2013 "yoga experience" trip to northern Arizona. And for just a mere pittance of $2,878 for a five-day, four-night tour.

Between rides to and from the airport, two plane rides, bus rides, tours to scenic locations, and the included (only) eight meals, just how much "yoga" will there be?

It seems to me that there are plenty of yoga instructors around McHenry County who would like a piece of the pie. Why compete with them? Is MCC going to put private yoga instructors and studios and travel agents out of business?

The phone number in the article is for an employee of MCC who identifies herself as Coordinator of personal development programs at MCC.

Let's push MCC back to the basics; i.e., education. And that's all.

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