Monday, July 16, 2012

Stolen property jump in Woodstock

The June 2012 report of the Woodstock Police Department to the City Manager and City Council shows a huge jump in Stolen Property Value.

In June $73,053 in stolen property is reported. In the one month alone.

For the year the total is $145,257. The June amount is 50.3%, in one month alone.

Will the Mayor, City Council and City Manager spot this? No specific reference is made to the jump, and it is not explained. What happened in June? Was someone's Porsche stolen? Was money embezzled? Was there a residential or commercial burglary that netted that amount?

When raw numbers are given in reports, it's too easy to just say, "Ho-hum" and flip to the next page. If percentages-of-change were shown, that would give an instant clue to a careful reader.

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