Monday, July 23, 2012

Politicking with County vehicle!

Courtesy: McHenry County Blog
Take a look at this picture. Feel your blood pressure going up?

This is an outrageous, flagrant, mis-use of county property for political purposes. When is somebody going to put a stop to it?

There are no vehicles of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department that carry the seven-point star on a magnetic sticker with the word "Undersheriff" and name "Andrew Zinke" in the course of regular use and patrol.

That's not even the County squad car that is assigned to Zinke. Is it Sgt. Steve Schmitt's assigned vehicle? Why was it in the parade? Of course, it's not like Schmitt could refuse an order from Zinke to permit the use of his squad car in the Fiesta Days parade.

Courtesy: McHenry County Blog
Q. Who was driving this vehicle? Zinke? Or a deputy? Sgt. Schmitt? Somebody else?

A. Sure looks like Zinke behind the wheel, in uniform and, most likely, armed.

If the Sheriff's Department wants to pay a deputy to drive his squad car on-duty in the Fiesta Days parade as a promotion of the work of the Sheriff's Department on behalf of all County residents, fine.

If a County vehicle is used in a parade for political persons, then somebody needs to go to jail.


Joey R. said...

That is absolutely Zinke. I'm sure you know that, Gus.

I see that Nygren's political symbol has been placed next to Zinke's name. That's a nice use of taxpayer money.

A couple of months ago the County Board Chairman attempted to have the courts make Seipler pay for the legal expenses that were accrued regarding the Special Prosecutor petition. The judge told the county to drop their request because they would lose. Why? The answer is that there is merit to Seipler's allegations.

The judge ruled it was BIANCHI'S job to go after this kind of corruption not his job to appoint a special prosecutor. BIANCHI refuses to do his job to the best of his ability and continues to openly allow the misuse of taxpayer monies.

I know that Seipler is back on the job and wanting to stay low key since BIANCHI'S refusal to investigate the criminal activity of those entrusted to fight crime. We need someone else, we need many to take up where Seipler left off and make these corrupt politicians and their underlings fearful of the collective power of the people.

Nygren, Zinke, Franks, Tryon, Bianchi (AKA the McHenry County political train) need to be derailed.

Curious1 said...

Trying to figure out what has you concerned. Is it that there is a Police car in a parade, or that there is an identifier of who is in the car? Seems like a pretty common practice.

Gus said...

You're kidding, right? The issue is a County squad car in a parade, when the use of that car in the parade is clearly a political move. THAT is the issue.

Putting the undersheriff title and name on the side of the vehicle made it a political move.

If the MCSD merely wanted a squad car in the parade, it could have sent a regular squad car, not a shift sergeant's SUV, and sent a line deputy to drive it, not the #2 in the Department (or is he Acting #1).

Has anyone EVER seen a MCSD car with an undersheriff's name and title on it in ANY parade before?

How about a 31-day unpaid administrative leave for Andy Zinke? If he thought that two hours in the parade would cost him $10,000+, think he would have been there?

Curious1 said...

In almost every parade in every town across the nation you will find government owned property with government employee or politicians name on them. It may be on the vehicle, it may be on the back of a fireman's jacket, it may be on a shirt...

Anonymous said...

Though TMB agrees with you, most parades today ARE political... candidates getting out there showing their faces making you feel like they are just like one of us plebians. Police cars, fire trucks, etc fill the parade with things to look at and "wow" over. So even though Zinke was getting his "free publicity" by driving a nice SUV with his name on it, TMB sez there are bigger issues to deal with than this. Spend your energy wisely. Doh.

Gus said...

Curious1, but what you don't find in parades across the country is an undersheriff running a political campaign for election in a government-subsidized vehicle with a magnetic sticker with his name and title on it.

Frankly, I'm sick that all festival and holiday parades are being turned into political events.

Gus said...

Sure, there are bigger issues. Let's start with the waste do to poor management. Will Zinke tighten up on the reins and closely monitor those who report directly to him? And require them to tighten up on the reins of their sergeants, and on down the food chain?

We need fair, honest, impartial law enforcement in this County.

The deputies (and the Sheriff!) should be the FIRST to obey the laws, not the last.

Start with "professional courtesy". When you stop a cop for a traffic violation and he "badges" you, just smile while you write him TWO tickets.

And don't even think about badging a cop who stops you for a traffic violation.