Monday, July 23, 2012

Life is so great...

This afternoon I received a telephone call from a woman in another state, who started the conversation a little hesitantly with, "Is this the Woodstock Advocate?" I love these calls; it's another opportunity to serve.

It turns out that she cannot get her lawyer to call her back about her personal injury lawsuit. She last spoke with him two months ago, and he stopped returning calls.

She was searching on the internet for help and came across my blog. We had a nice conversation and I hope I helped her with some ideas for prodding her lawyer into returning her calls.

She doesn't think he has abandoned her case. I suggested she send him a letter by Certified Mail and ask him to call her. If he doesn't, then she will have begun to establish a paper trail of her efforts, and there are further steps that she can take to "encourage" him to return her calls.

A while back a woman called from Florida about a traffic violation that her adult son was charged with in downstate Illinois.

I get quite a few calls for DCFS and the new Kohl's, too.

I used to give out the "inside" numbers for the Woodstock Post Office, the Woodstock DMV and the Woodstock office of Social Security, but callers now are forced to dial toll-free numbers and speak to operators in call centers.


Anonymous said...

You need to start charging a fee for distributing your valuable insight/information/opinions. Doh.

Gus said...

TMB, no doubt about that. One of the problems is that most of the people who need my help don't have any money to pay.

Gus said...

JeepGirl said:

Lest we forget, there are rewards other than financial in this life.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya JeepGirl.... but in this day & age, it's all 'bout da munny!!!! Doh!