Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drive-by shooting in Woodstock?

Was there a drive-by shooting in Woodstock early this (Sunday) morning? On the north side, on Seminary, near Bates Park?

A resident of Woodstock has commented on Facebook about somebody shooting up a neighbor's car.

If this Chicago nonsense is coming Woodstock-way, we had better find a way to increase the pressure on the Cook County Democrats who are blocking concealed-carry in Illinois.

Chicago could put a stop to drive-bys and other gun-related killings by getting out of the way and letting Illinois have a concealed-carry law. The stories about "How the West was won" are probably right. When the people got fed up with lawlessness, they armed themselves and started shooting back.

That worked on the Los Angeles freeways in the last 1980s, too. When the shooters found out that people were shooting back, the shooting dried up.

So far, there is nothing in the Northwest Herald about a shooting this morning. It's almost 4:00PM.

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Gus said...

9:00PM and still nothing in the local paper. People ought to feel really secure; right?

So far, this is what I've heard. Suspect is a Hispanic male in a black Yukon. White T-shirt. At or near the apartments on Route 47 south of St. Johna Rd. At about 6:00AM.

Not much to go on, but better than nothing.