Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zimmerman Road shooting range

Yesterday afternoon it sounded like war had come to Woodstock. Or maybe an armed stand-off after a robbery or kidnapping. Or was it just that the Zimmerman Road Shooting Range was open for business.

I heard numerous shots (rifle, shotgun or large-caliber pistol) in the afternoon and then again about 6:00PM. I live about 1/2-mile west of the "range" and am buffered by trees, buildings and railroad tracks, but the sound of many shots being fired could clearly be heard.

What's it like to live at Prairie View Apartments or in one of the many homes along Country Club Road and McConnell Road?

Frankly, I don't care that the shooter lives "in" the County. Shooting in a heavily-populated area is just plan stupid, as well as rude. There must be some law that can be applied against the shooter, such as endangering men, women, children, animals, property, vehicles...

How about Disorderly Conduct? A shooter in a populated area surely would be alarming or disturbing to another and provoking a breach of the peace.


yagottabekidding said...

I remember the good old days.Any activity that wasn't prohibited by law was permitted. Nowadays anybody with a computer and an opinion can try to change the orbit of the planet and those that enforce the laws let them get away with it to avoid the torch and pitchfork mob and all the noise they make. Save me from the politically correct.

Gus said...

In the good old days most neighbors were considerate of one another.

Nobody is "letting" me get away with anything. Surely, you understand that.

You must also understand why I publish most of your comments. I don't have to publish ANY of them.

None appears here without my first reading and deciding to publish it.

yagottabekidding said...

Neighborly consideration goes BOTH ways, or it did before. Not so much anymore and yes I consider you one of the rabble rousers.

Laura said...

I live on country club rd and it is horrible, we can clearly hear it. this sort of activity needs to be stopped. this is a well populated area. enough is enough. i agree, there seems to be ZERO neighborly consideration anymoe.

Gus said...

ask330, whether you live in the County or inside Woodstock, your neighbors and you should exert influence on the Mayor & City Council of Woodstock and on the County Board to put a stop to shooting and target practice near populated areas.

One of these days a bullet will escape the shooting area. You may be effective by going after the shooter on "nuisance" issues.