Monday, April 30, 2012

TribLocal reports Woodstock arrest

Jeremiah Pedersen
Thank goodness for the Chicago Tribune and TribLocal. Is that where we have to go for news of cocaine arrests in Woodstock?

Jeremiah Pedersen, 29, was busted on Friday, April 27, near Washington and Wheeler Streets in Woodstock. According to TribLocal, sheriff's deputies pulled him over. Pedersen fled on foot but was caught. Pedersen's car was searched and $4,000 worth of cocaine (43.5 grams) was found.  Pedersen (a "Woodstock man", according to the article) posted 10% of a $100,000 bail bond on Sunday.

OK, so if this happened on Friday, why is there no press release, even now, on the MCSD website? And why doesn't the Northwest Herald report this already?

Thanks to the two readers who sent me the information. If you want to read the TribLocal article, go to

Last week I was informed that there are CALEA requirements about press releases - something about posting press releases that then become available to all media.

Other readers report that northside neighborhoods are going from bad to worse. Remember the middle-of-the-night fight, injuries, repeated police calls to a Washington Street address that resulted in paramedic calls and transports to the hospital? That building is still focus of neighborhood problems and police attention. Why would a car pull up at midnight and horn the horn?

In another neighborhood cars pulled up to a house at all hours, stopped for a few minutes while people ran in and out, and then drove away. Dates, times, vehicle descriptions were furnished repeatedly to the Woodstock Police Department. Was there ever a stake-out? Any arrests? The neighbors don't think so.

The police can't do it all on their own. But, when the public wants to help and does help, and still nothing happens, something needs to change!

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