Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dorr Township Annual Meeting passes unnoticed

Today - Wed., April 11, 2012

Yesterday - Tues., April 10, 2012

Did anyone know that yesterday was the Annual Meeting of Dorr Township? Perhaps I missed notices in The Woodstock Independent and the Northwest Herald. Maybe my mailbox was out-of-order, if the mail-lady attempted to bring me some notice of the meeting. Maybe Dorr Township lost my email address, since I haven't attended any monthly meetings lately.

The Agenda included an item to spend a lot of money at the Road District facility on Davis Road and to sell the Township office building on Newell St.

Has everyone given up on attending Dorr Township meetings? Because of the Annual Meeting's date, the April monthly meeting will be held tomorrow, Thursday, April 12, at 7:30PM at 140 Newell St. What real estate agent will get the listing?

Be sure to read township antagonist Bob Anderson's letter in this week's The Woodstock Independent.

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M.U.G. said...

Maybe people have just thrown they're hands up when it comes to township matters. I believe you were at the meeting several years ago when the township magicians put on a show as to why it would be a hardship to return the one million bucks they mistakenly collected from the electorate. They would have to order checks and maybe hire secretaries etc., etc... To bad there were so many older folks in the audience they did not catch on to the trick and voted to let them keep the money. Big mistake as they now have one million free dollars that does not have to be kept track of. You know kind of a gift.

Mr. Anderson is correct in his analysis through the years. Plus people seem to be too busy to get involved in these matters as they drag on for years. A perfect example is the joke Grafton Township has become. Those people should be jailed for all the taxpayer money they have thrown away. Yet I don’t see the electorate at meetings or writing letters or even demonstrating with signage. Maybe they don’t work hard or long enough for the money they let the elected officials pi$$ away. I wonder how many people in that township even bothered to contest they’re RE tax bills. You know another gift.

Why is it that all these townships want new buildings? Maybe so when push comes to shove if and when a vote is ever established to abolish this outdated entity they can once again pull out the cape and state “what will we do with all these new buildings and office equipment and trucks and bla, blab bla”. You know it’s all just smoke and mirrors.