Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Merit Commission meeting - canceled (again!!!)

Is Sheriff Nygren just trying to run out the clock? Is he trying to avoid a decision and hoping to reach July without a huge implosion at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department (MCSD).

The April 11th Regular Meeting of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission has been canceled. Why should it be held?

Early in January Sgt. Greg Pyle was arrested on ten counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault on a Child (under Age 13) for a period of 2006-2010. It has never been revealed just what happened on Friday, January 6, that prompted charges by the Illinois State Police. Nygren placed Pyle on paid administrative leave, meaning Pyle still collects his $7,000 monthly pay, plus benefits.

Why isn't Nygren cutting off Pyle's pay? It couldn't be because Pyle is an "insider" at MCSD. Could it? Could Pyle have information that Nygren might not like disclosed while he is in office (or after)?

Where is the outrage on the part of the other employees at MCSD? Well, okay. I can understand that all those employees who are not "insiders" anxiously keep their heads down. They do not want to incur the Wrath of Nygren. They've watched what happened to Schlenkert, Seipler and Milliman.

Where is the outrage on the part of the County Board?

Where is the outrage by the taxpayers of McHenry County?

If Nygren wished to cut off Pyle's pay, he'd have to go to the Merit Commission. That ought to be no problem, because five members are the community are hand-picked by Nygren.

The Merit Commission met in March and could have considered a change in Pyle's status, except that Nygren didn't ask them to. After the meeting, I asked the members if they could initiate such a change without a request from the Sheriff. "We'll ask our attorney" was the response. I wonder if they did.

Will Nygren hold his breath until July, when he can resign and the County Board will appoint his successor to serve out his unexpired term? Is Nygren planning to dump the problem in Zinke's lap? Of course, it will only be Zinke's problem if the County Board appoints Zinke. It might not.

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Pamela Whitson said...

Is this another case of Birds of A Feather Flock together?