Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wyatt did NOT have valid license

On June 23, 2010, Jenn Wyatt was ticketed by a McHenry County Sheriff's Dept. deputy after a traffic contact in which Wyatt presented an expired California driver's license. This was only one month after Beth Bentley disappeared. Wyatt was still driving a Volvo sedan that Beth had bought for her to drive.

Wyatt didn't show up for her first court date on July 21, 2010.

At her next court date, on September 15, 2010, while being represented by Attorney John Ridgeway (at that time he shared office space in McHenry with Beth's husband, attorney Scott Bentley), there was, supposedly and miraculously, an Illinois driver's license that was valid on June 23rd.

Anyone smell a rat? I did. Why would Wyatt present an expired California driver's license on June 23, not have a valid Illinois driver's license and the deputy find no record of a valid Illinois driver's license, assuming he queried DMV records via computer or radio? The reason that the deputy did issue the ticket is because she did not have a valid license.

When I asked the Assistant State's Attorney why the case was nolle prossed, he stated he had been shown an Illinois driver's license that was valid on June 23.

The Illinois Secretary of State Police have now confirmed that Wyatt did not have a valid Illinois driver's license on June 23, 2010.  Her Illinois license was issued after that date.

Why is this important? Then, and now, police have an opportunity to "persuade" Wyatt to tell all she knows about Beth Bentley's disappearance.

What document was the Assistant State's Attorney shown? Did he just read the date wrong? Or is it possible that he was shown a license that had been altered? Or did he mean to tell me that he excused the ticket, because Wyatt had obtained an Illinois driver's license a, even if after the ticket date, and that was good enough. Does everyone get that kind of break if caught driving without a valid license?


Anonymous said...

U R sucha sleuth!

Watch out tho, "someone" might wanna "rub u out" if u get 2 close! DOH!

ABZ for Sheriff (Anyone But Zinke) said...

You are saying that this women was not arrested for driving with no license, yet she may be involved in murder and I suppose she is Caucasian. At MCC I heard a former deputy talk to a group of Latinos Unidos members about the way things are done here in McHenry. I recall that he said he was fired for not arresting a Mexican driver for who did not have a driver's license but he said he was trying to be nice to some high school kids. I guess there are different rules for different people. Reminds me of Jalisco in Mexico. All the cops are crooked because they kill the good ones and let the murders drive away.

Gus said...

Hector Piza, Wyatt was ticketed for driving without a license, as she should have been She is Caucasian. I did not write that she may be involved in murder.

The Asst. State's Attorney told me in 2010 that he was shown an Illinois driver's license that was valid on June 23.

The Secretary of State Police say that Wyatt did not have a Illinois driver's license that was valid on June 23. Her Illinois D/L was issued after June 23.

I wonder what the answer to this riddle is.

Ray said...

Is the answer Mexicans with concerns about law enforcement get ignored and re-directed?

Gus said...

Annonymous, I think yours, while a valid question, is not quite what's under discussion here.

Here the issue is what happened in court (which is, of course, part of the law enforcement process).

Your question, whether Mexicans with concerns about LE get ignored and re-directed, is a good one. I suspect it's not just Mexicans who suffer being "ignored and re-directed". There is risk to any person who is insufficiently informed about the law or who is not adequately represented.

What's that saying? "You are entitled to all the justice you can afford"?

A fringe benefit of Wyatt's work in a law office may have been representation on this ticket. However, I was told that, in her child support case out of California, she has claimed not to have any income from the Bentley law firm.