Wednesday, April 11, 2012

150MPH? Who? a cop?

What Huntley Police officer was disciplined for driving 150MPH en route to a call? Could this be true?

And could it be that he was only disciplined internally (administratively) and was not cited?

Did that officer write himself a ticket, as did former Charleston (S.C.) Police Chief Reuben Greenberg, after he got in a crash while a rookie officer? Greenberg knew it was his fault, and so he wrote himself the ticket.

What's the story? Why didn't the Northwest Herald write anything about this? Do they still cover Huntley?

More to follow.


Justin said...

Could this be true? Could it be that? Did that officer write himself a ticket? What's the story? (and more)

Seven questions in Five paragraphs containing nine sentences.

BTW their isn’t a cop car in Northern Illinois that will do 150MPH!!

What a cluck…Gussy, you AIN’T a gonna win no “Pullets Surprise”

Anonymous said...

In my younger days, I had a Porsche 944 and got it up to 147mph... but that was as fast as it would go. Maybe I could have pushed it a few mph more but to do that, I'd have to be in a School zone. DOH!!!!!

Gus said...

I chatted with a Colorado State Patrol trooper in a Mustang one day. I commented on the low-profile lightbar. When I asked him how fast his car would go, he said at 140 he had chickened out.