Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Huntley trustee arrested

... but legally?

Yesterday's Northwest Herald published an article about an arrest on April 3 of a Village of Huntley trustee who went to Parkside Pub, home of its fall Turkey Testicle Festival. Pub owner Jeff Lovell had the balls to tell one of his employees to call the police and have Nick Hanson arrested.

According to the article, Lovell had told Hanson to stay out of the Pub. There was some type of disagreement between Hanson and Lovell that did not occur at the Pub. Hanson was apparently served in the bar and paid for the items. An employee notified Lovell that Hanson was there and was told to call the Huntley Police.

Now, here's the question. Can a proprietor forbid a customer from entering a place open to the public, if the customer is not causing a problem on the premises? And especially if that proprietor holds a State-issued license for business operations?

If such a proprietor, let's say a bar owner, kicks a customer out because he doesn't like him or has an outside beef (or turkey) complaint with him, is he on solid ground? Or does he put his liquor license at risk by refusing to serve a sober customer?

Why do I think that Lovell's complaint against Hanson is likely to mushroom out of the feed yard on him? And the employee of the Pub who followed Lovell's orders? While being a loyal, trustworthy, reverent (not sure about this), faithful, kind, obedient employee, did he put himself (or herself) at risk by calling the police? Should that employee have said, "Boss, you have the problem with Hanson. You come over here and you call the police.

As a trustee of the Village of Huntley, which probably issues and renews the liquor license for the Parkside Pub, will Hanson make more turkey tracks down the road for the Pub?

For some reason unannounced by the Northwest Herald, comments to that article were not allowed. Why not?


Sarah Smoth said...

Because the whole point is to make hanson look like the bad guy, and lovell to look like the innocent citizen. We all see through the corrupt Huntley Police...

Clearly someone holds a bias against hanson, my bet is on Perkins...

Gus said...

The following comment appeared briefly after the online Northwest Herald story, but the well-written comment vanished, when NWH closed the Comments box. The following was sent to me by a reader, not the author of the comment:

"As a resident of Huntley for many years, and an acquaintance of both parties involved, I must say I am in utter dismay concerning the actions taken against a man due to personal disputes. There is a reason the facts presented in this story appear lop-sided. What we have here is a scorned individual, unable to overcome insecurities regarding a past relationship. These insecurities lead a man to target another resident, subsequently leading to such a defaming exploit as arrest. Have we diminished ourselves so low as a community to allow small-town politics to corrupt the amicability of our town? Must we resort to tarnishing another’s reputation for such benign accusations as “criminal trespassing” due to personal disagreements? Let me remind you that this “criminal trespasser” is the same resident who donates his salary to food pantries and countless hours of his time to improve our community. Is this the way we repay those who benefit our town? Act wisely…pretty soon we will drive the good residents straight out of here."