Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jenn Wyatt - next court? May 2

Since several people have contacted me about Jennifer Wyatt's court date this morning on her perjury charges, here's what happened. Nothing.

The standard, routine 20-second appearance and collecting the next court date is all that happened. Jenn is represented by McHenry County Public Defender Kim Messser. Messer had several cases and she got an early place in the line of attorneys to approach Judge Condon.

The next court date? May 2, 9:00AM, Room 302 at the McHenry County Government Center.

What could happen in the next week? Why only a one-week continuance? The preliminary hearing set for today is now set for next week.

Is there any choice but to plead Not Guilty?

Sure, there are other choices. One of them is Guilty. And then another choice. Nole contendere. Is that a plea that flies in Illinois?

Does Jenn think that the Woodstock Police can prove the charges?

Just drawing from memory, I recall one of the charges is that Jenn lied to Woodstock Police about saying she didn't talk to Beth on May 25, 2010. Now, how are they going to prove that Jenn did talk to Beth on May 25? Seems like Beth would have to walk into the courtroom and say "Jenn didn't talk to me that day."

A call to Beth's phone on that day wouldn't prove anything. Even a call from Beth's phone that day wouldn't prove that a conversation took place. You would have to know who was on Beth's phone. Leaving a message in a cell phone voice mailbox is not talking to the person. Is it?

Jenn didn't look worried at all in court today. She was on her phone in the hallway before court, and she breezed up to the judge and out of the courtroom like she was buying cantaloupes at Jewel.

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