Saturday, April 21, 2012

Activity in Milliman murder case

Since my article last week about the change in trial date in the first-degree murder case of Timothy Smith, a new court date has been entered. Smith has been in McHenry County Jail since May, when he was accused of killing Kurt Milliman at a house just outside Woodstock.

The new court date is Thursday, April 26, at 9:00AM, in Judge Condon's courtroom, 302. The court date is set as "Motion-Discovery".

Back on December 8, Smith's public defender told the court that no further court dates were believed necessary until a May 7th trial date. Then, at an April 13 court appearance, the trial date was moved from May 7 to July 30. And now this April 26 date for a Motion shows up. The motion hearing and the trial are both set for Room 302 (not the Jail Court).

From online court records available to the general public, it cannot be discerned which side has made the motion.

I wonder if Judge Condon could have said back in December, "OK, since no more court dates are needed, let's just start the trial on Monday, December December 12. See you at 10:00AM!" 

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