Saturday, April 28, 2012

Where is McHerny County?

I decided to look for any press releases this month with the signature of Sheriff Keith Nygren on them. You know, if he is in town and puts out a press release with his name on it, shouldn't his signature be on it? Or his initials? Or the initials of any employee who prepared the press release or signed Keith's name to it?

But now the press releases merely provide the typewritten name, "Sheriff Keith Nygren", near the bottom.

And sometimes not even that. For example, a press release about the Woodstock District 200 "Project Sticker Shock" directs readers and interested parties to Laura Crain at District 200 or to Deputy Aimee' Knop, Community Relations/PIO (Public Information Officer).

Presumably, the press release was typed at the sheriff's department, because it is on stationery with the infamous seven-point (Nygren political campaign emblem) "star" at the top of the page (even though Keith's ever-so-proud picture in uniform clearly shows him wearing the official five-point star).

If you want more information from Deputy Knop about Project Sticker Shock, you can contact her at (sic)

Is McHerny County the 103rd county in Illinois?

Not one of the seven April press releases on the sheriff's website contains his signature or a set of initials by his name. Does this meet the CALEA standard for attribution of a press release? When no employee's name is on the release, that means no one is responsible for its accuracy.


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No there are 102 Counties

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