Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pyle - back to court on May 25

Did all the media blow off the court date yesterday for Greg Pyle, out-of-favor sergeant of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, who was charged in January with ten felonies?

Nothing in the Northwest Herald.
Nothing in the Daily Herald.
Nothing in the Chicago Tribune.
Nothing in the local blogs yesterday.

Pyle is due back in court on May 25, 9:00AM, in Judge Condon's court, Room 302.

According to court records, there is a change in Pyle's attorneys. Until yesterday, Donahue & Walsh was shown as representing Pyle. Now, court records indicate that his attorneys are Jim Ryan and John F. Donahue.

There is no Special Meeting of the Merit Commission on the County's meetings calendar, so apparently Sheriff Nygren intends to keep paying Pyle. Thanks, Keith. Yeah, sure...

But, on the meetings calendar is a Monday, April 23rd, meeting of the Management Services Committee, and it is scheduled in the Sheriff's Training Room at 8:30AM. Is that training room enough of a "public" meeting place to meet the Open Meetings Act requirement? Will courthouse security allow visitors to that meeting to enter the building with cameras?

The Open Meetings Act allows still and video recording of meetings, but the court security guards usually refuse entrance to anyone with a camera. This ought to be interesting...

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