Monday, April 23, 2012

The value of MIAT

What's the value of the McHenry County Major Incident Assistance Team (MIAT)? I've been wondering why it wasn't alerted at the time of the triple homicide in Marengo on June 7, in which Jack Feldkamp, Audrey Feldkamp and Doran Bloom died.

An experienced law enforcement officer has offered this comment.

In regards to M.I.A.T team, one of the best advantages of this, is having other qualified detectives from other non-involved agencies assisting looking at the same incident, but perhaps from a different view from the other. It's not that you're trying to convict the suspect, but rather review all the evidence, from many different angles, by different people, and see where it takes you. Follow the physical evidence. Does each investigator's trail brings him right back to the same person? By trying to eliminate a suspect, you wont become tunnel blind and concentrate only on what one suspect is telling you.
If he shot from the angle it was stated, there should be projectile marks in the 
flooring from final rest of the bullets. 

Where were the shell casings found in regard to the stance the shooter said
he shot from?

Was there any gun residue recovered from the stair rail area or floor from 
where the shooter said he shot from?

Do the angles line up from where the shot was fired, to the area on the body? 
"Did the injuries reflect that the bullets came in from above? 
"Were there any bullet holes with a straight shot through the chest area? 
"Which way was the victim facing when he was shot ?

Did the bullets fired into the victim go straight through him, indicating a 
closer point of impact?”


yagottabekidding said...

And none of this information can be figured out UNLESS miat is used? Seriously?

Gus said...

It ALL could have been figured out without M.I.A.T. The fact is that it wasn't.

Look at Sheriff Nygren's statements in the press on the very day afterwards. Now, do you think any deputy at MCSD is going to say, "Whoa! Wait a minute. We need to ..."

Not hardly!

Steve said...

Exactly... it all could have been and most likely was figured out by those on the scene and yet that's not good enough for you. Shoulda, coulda, woulda... Why don't you tell us what really happened. It's not good enough for you to say "this COULD have happened" or "Maybe it could have happened this way" or "maybe cock robin did it."

I'm beginning to think you are nothing than a vile old man who has nothing to live for in his life other than to cause hate and discontent among others.

WGN has Tom Skilling who is arguably one of the best meteorologists in town (yes, he is the brother of Enron's Jeff Skilling so I suppose that makes him suspect in your eyes as well) and is really very, very good at what he does.

Now if the forecast calls for snow overnight and when I turn in the ground is bare but when I wake up in the morning I grumble because I have to shovel six inches of white and fluffy, do I really NEED Tom Skilling to tell me that there was an overnight snowfall?

Without coming up with some factual basis to show that the sheriff's department investigation is inherently flawed, that's exactly what you're saying, "Yeah, there's snow on the ground but until and unless Tom Skilling says it snowed last night, I ain't gonna believe it."

Stupid... simply stupid!

Gus said...

Steve, have you read all the reports in the MCSD file for that triple homicide? Have you read any of them?

Gus said...

Steve - more importantly, did you write any of them? Or approve them?

Steve said...

No Gus, I have not read any of the reports. No Gus, I did not write any of them nor did I approve any of them. Like you, I am NOT a member of the sheriff's department. Me... because I don't want to be a member of the sheriff's department. You because you CAN'T be a member of the sheriff's department not even elected.

Now that you're done with your typical deflection of questions that are difficult for you to answer, try to follow my lead... I answered yours now answer this:

Give us a factual basis for your insistence on having MIAT investigate what others have said seem to be a fairly open and shut case. It's not the Kennedy Assassination though you would like to paint it as such. What flaw(s) has your brilliant criminalistic mind found in the investigation. Considering that all of your current training seems to come from NCISS, CSI and Hawaii 5-0, I'm rather surprised that you are so upset over an investigation that must have taken - at a minimum - a few hours to come up with preliminary findings (apparently unchanged by any follow-up or other forensic evidence). Don't you guys on CSI and NCISS usually clear the cases within 40 minutes or so?

Answer the question, Gus, but please don't respond with another question first.

Gus said...

Steve, what question did you want me to answer first? Why do you think I watch CSI? What is NCISS? Are the re-runs of Hawaii Five-0 still on? Who said I can't be a member (do you mean "employee") of MCSD? Who says I can't be "elected"? I could have been; I wasn't.

The only thing that made this an open-and-shut case was the sheriff's announcement on the very next day. Do you honestly think any employee at MCSD was going to raise a question after Nygren said "how it happened"?

Gus said...

A reader sent along this comment to me by email:

"If any of you would actually look at the MCSD report including the interview section, you'd read that later the same night, Doran Bloom's parents were told that their son had committed these homicides. How did they come up with that? The MCSD had it all sewn up less than six (nighttime) hours later. The survivor wasn't even interviewed until the next day and the MCSD just took his word for what happened. Not even a slightly professional investigation into this. Another independent agency would have definitely looked at this crime with different eyes. I do believe dead men (and women) talk and right now, they're screaming for justice."

Mark Rogowski said...

Gus is not just being paranoid here, the only person involved who had motive is the only one left alive - Scott Feldkamp.

Small towns talk, and quite a few people in the Marengo community believe that this was a set up. It would seem that MCSD closed the case before they even thought of that angle and are now too embarrassed to go back.

Feldkamp's statements to police were highly inconsistent with the evidence. Someone should have at least looked into whether his statements were truthful or not before closing the case. He very well may be the victim he claims to be, but with such an inadequate investigation people will always wonder.

DColley said...

Perhaps the community, if not already informed, would also be interested to know that Audrey Feldkamp was still alive when the MCSO arrived. She was alive for quite some time.
The MCSO was in complete chaos at the scene with employees running around, yelling for someone who could take a dying declaration.
It also took an excessively long time for EMS to arrive AND transport Ms. Feldkamp from the residence. Had they either 1) treated her injuries quickly or 2) had an employee buck up and show some competence and common sense at the scene and taken her dying declaration, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion right now.
Read the case report. The fact is that this entire response was botched from go and that is why the case was close, never investigated. This is quite possibly the worst police work I've ever seen and it's an embarassment to the profession and the community.
Perhaps a specially trained team with the skills and common sense to handle a scene like this could have done better.

yagottabekidding said...

And how long would it have taken miat to respond? Quick enough to get "the dying declaration"? I doubt it.

Notawannabee said...

I keep saying I won’t give this site the credibility of commenting but sometimes comments posted here are so ludicrous that I succumb to the pressure.

These people that comment here, pretending to be experts, supposing and speculating. I have read several of these comments on this and other similar headings.

I love the post of a ‘Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer”, “A close friend of one of the deceased”. Let us not forget Mark, the local Marengo gossip hound. Maybe we should have called in the TSA. (yes considered by some to be Federal Law Enforcement) Here's an idea, let’s not have the police investigate. We’ll just leave it to the local coffee drinkers to suppose and draw conclusions based upon the rumor mill and speculation. Then DColley spouts in. Has anyone actually looked at the response records of the Marengo Rescue Squad? The perceived response times always seem longer than taped records and reality proves out. Remember Marengo Rescue is a volunteer unit and don’t typically slide down the fire pole and rush off to the scene. Most respond from their homes. Then the ambulance must drive from Marengo to the scene. I have great faith in the Marengo Rescue Squad. They have always been a great organization and DColley makes some outlandish comments. A rumor since DColley was not there to witness first hand.

I have worked hand in hand with many Federal Law Enforcement officers from different Federal agencies and know them to be just like any agency; some good, some abysmally bad. I was assigned to a Federal Task Force and saw them up close and personal so hanging "Federal" on your moniker doesn’t sway my opinion one bit.

I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened and never have asked what did happen, nor would I. I do know that MIAT would not have changed the scenario. It's just something for Gus to throw against the wall and see what stirs people up. I feel confident that the MCSO is competent and the yapping little pests like Gus are just an annoyance, not considered credible. This blog is like a train wreck. People look for curiosity and amusement.

I often think that many comments are just Gus commenting under different screen names. Nonsensical ramblings.

Gus said...

Marengo Fire Protection District personnel arrived and were staged nearby until the premises were considered secure.

Deputies searched the house to determine it was safe before summoning MFPD personnel into the house.

I may be wrong about the time, but my recollection is that rescue personnel entered the residence just after 9:00PM, which would have been more than 35 minutes after MCSD received the call from Scott Feldkamp. They, of course, could not approach or enter until allowed to by deputies.

Notawannabee said...

"35 minutes after MCSD received the call from Scott Feldkamp"

Response time 'TO' the residence by the responding deputy. A few minutes for the deputies to determine who's on first, what's on second....and then Marengo Fire/Rescue must be summoned.

Gus you're off base and so are the commenter’s playing Monday morning quarterback. Too many metaphors here to simply’re wrong.

The time to enter the home is well within reason considering the distance, response times and circumstances. I can say "been there, done that"....can you?

Gus said...

The 9-1-1 caller told the dispatcher that people were injured (3 stabbed, 1 shot); the dispatcher should have rolled rescue. Deputy J. McKenzie was dispatched at 8:23PM and arrived at 8:35PM. Dep. Skrypek was already there. Dep. Waters and Tutt arrived quickly. Notawannabe, I'll tell you what's wrong here. It starts with the Second Offense listed on McKenzie's report: "Homicide-First Degree Murder". Where is that substantiated in his report? Absolutely nowhere.