Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will the real Keith Nygren please raise his hand?

Customer service at State offices in Wisconsin is a whole lot better than it is in Springfield! These folks actually answer the phone promptly. Plus they are friendly. And sure of the information they provide. (I have found State of Illinois employees at the Secretary of State's office also to be friendly and sure of the information; it's just that you have to wait a long time for them to answer.)

On a blog this morning (briefly) was a photo of one of the Wisconsin Athletic Clubs. A check with the Wisconsin Secretary of State reveals that the Registered Agent for the Wisconsin Athletic Club is a "Keith Nygren".

Now, of course, there may be more than one Keith Nygren in Wisconsin, and the Registered Agent form doesn't say Keith R. Nygren. So maybe Keith Nygren, Registered Agent in Wisconsin, is not Keith R. Nygren, Sheriff of McHenry County. But is he?

I was curious to learn whether a Registered Agent must be located at the address shown on the Registered Agent records of Wisconsin Secretary of State. Does the named Registered Agent really have to be there? Or can the Registered Agent use an address where he might only be seldom found?

The answer? According to the Wisconsin Secretary of State, Department of Financial Institutions, Corporations Bureau, in Madison, a "Registered Agent must be able to be served at that address."

And that makes sense. Suppose a vendor or a member of the Club or a State official (or, horrors of all horrors, an attorney) wished to make legal service on the Wisconsin Athletic Club, it would send its process server to 10840 West Rogers Street, West Allis, Wisconsin 53227. The process server would be looking for a "Keith Nygren".

What would the process server find there? For starters, not one of the six Wisconsin Athletic Clubs. Or would he? A Club address nearby is 1939 South 108th Street, West Allis (right around the corner from 10840 West Rogers Street).

What is at 10840 West Rogers Street in West Allis? According to Google Maps, there is a parking lot at that address. What does www.usps.com say? 53227-1135 is the ZIP Code, so there must be a building there for mail delivery.

This "Keith Nygren" (another Keith?) is the current Registered Agent. There was a change in Registered Agent on June 29, 2007, and again on May 11, 2009. Wisconsin records today indicate the "Keith Nygren" is the Registered Agent.

When would a process server find Keith Nygren at 10840 West Rogers Street? Well, if the Registered Agent is McHenry County's Sheriff Keith R. Nygren, he won't. He is Sheriff of McHenry County, so that Keith Nygren ought to be found in his office at 2200 North Seminary in Woodstock (or in Minocqua, Wisconsin or Cape Coral, Florida).

How many times would he have to return to make personal service on Keith Nygren? If this Keith Nygren, the Registered Agent, is the same as Sheriff Keith Nygren, would he have to jump in his white Tahoe ("Move over, Wilson!") and speed (errr, drive) to West Allis ("only" 65.4 miles) to accept legal service?

Would the County pay for those 131 miles? Would he wait until 5:00PM to leave? What if he were in Cape Coral or in Minocqua?

The Registered Agent "must be able to be served at that address." That's why many firms used an attorney as their Registered Agent.


The Madd Bulldog said...

Perhaps all this blog-fodder needs to be sent to the newspapers so their reporters can investigate the facts (yea, right) and get this out in the open.
I think Dirty Keith's behind-the-scenes antics over the years are now gonna be public; and maybe he'll resign and the vacancy will be wide open for Gus to slide in as Sheriff! And those new SmartCar Cruisers will have 6.1L V8 Hemis in'em, to go along with the vertical light bars w/padded endcaps as to not injure bicyclists should they get too close. Doh.

The Madd Bulldog said...

Duh... TMB hasn't been fortified enough this morning- I meant HORIZONTAL lightbar, not vertical as stated in my previous post.
Geez, where's a 40 ouncer when ya need one... doh.

The Madd Bulldog said...

The Daily Herald reporters Charles Keeshan and Susan Sarkauskas give you a one-sentence prop in the article about Sheriffs filing their petition paperwork. They call you a "Blogger". Little do they know that your e-scandalsheet gets read more than their paper! And to label you as a "Blogger"... nah, maybe "fool" but not blogger.
Hey, why dontcha dig up some dirt on Zane so we all will have no choice but to vote you in? DOH!

Curious1 said...

Hey, there's a Keith Nygren in Pennsylvania also. Perhaps it's time to check him out. Or perhaps Gus should update his profile with the fact that "Gus Philpot" was buried in 2004 in South Carolina. Is there just a chance you guys need to start checking out Bachmann's rants a bit more before repeating false rumors?