Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sheriff to appeal Seipler arbitration decision

The Northwest Herald will have a story shortly that Sheriff Nygren didn't like the decision of the arbitrator in Zane Seipler's case and will be appealing that decision to Circuit Court.

Man! Talk about being a sore loser!

Nygren fired Seipler last November. Seipler went to arbitration in July. The decision this week was Seipler 1, Nygren 0. The arbitrator concluded that Nygren should not have fired Seipler and that a three-day unpaid suspension was appropriate and sufficient discipline. The arbitrator awarded Seipler all back pay, except for the three-day period.

On Friday the Sheriff's Department Merit Commission is to meet. So, is it the Sheriff who fires deputies, or does the Merit Commission fire them?

If the Merit Commission is the public body that decides whether to appeal, how can the Sheriff jump in ahead of time and say the matter is going to Circuit Court?

Unless the Merit Commission is a paid, rubber-stamp operation for the Sheriff. Is it? Surely, a $75.00 per diem can't gain an elected official that much influence over a public body.

But, then, how much of a public body is the Merit Commission, since its members are appointed by the Sheriff? Perhaps it's time for the County Board to assume authority over the Merit Commission and make independent appointments.

Zane already has 11 months' pay coming. How long will it take to get a decision in Circuit Court? A year? Let's see; that'll be November 2010. Bingo! Election time! And by then Zane will have two years' coming.

Today I emailed the Merit Commission to request that they put the Seipler reinstatement on the Agenda for Friday's meeting. I sent the request through the HR Department of the County, because the Chairperson of the Merit Commission told me previously that she didn't want me to email her at her Woodstock City government job.

I wonder if that means that she never conducts Merit Commission business during normal working hours for her Woodstock job. In a perfect world that would be true. Are we in a perfect world?

If the Sheriff is worried about having a guy "like Zane" in his department, let me ask you this.

Suppose you were Sheriff and a Captain with the State Police called you and told you that he had received information that deputies were going to have a big drinking party at a bar that night and that a DUI checkpoint had been requested to catch any drunk drivers. What would you do?

If I were Sheriff, I'd have asked that Captain why he was calling me! "You've got a complaint? Go out and do something about it. Need some extra help?" And I sure as heck would not have spread the name of the caller around roll call the next week!!!


GeneL said...

The moron commission meetings are scheduled at 1030am which would be during the chaipersons normal workday at woodstock city hall. Is she double dipping? She is also a personal friend of the undersheriff, how can she give an unbiased opinion when the walrus and blinky want to fire someone. The merit commission is a RUBBER STAMP JOKE. They have only met once in 2009. Now that a new law allows arbitration, no one in their right mind would request them for a discipline matter.

David J. Bachmann said...

So...Zane having a young family to care for, will now, not receive any 'back pay' until the 'appeals' process is completed...

Zane, "Karma" will eat up the "Walrus"... you can count on that...

He must be one miserable person to live as he does...He obviously has no happiness in his own life, thus he wants to make sure nobody else has peace either..

Zane, we are going to give ole 'Dirty Keith' a piece... he can count on that...

Stay your course...things have a funny way of 'evening' out...

Seriously:) said...

Did you know that every single person Nygren has fired over the years has won their job back. Every single one. Correction officers, deputies, every one. If you fight him, you win. Why is everyone so afraid of this guy? Bullies can make your life difficult but they can't beat you. To beat someone like Nygren all you need is heart, patience and the truth.

On a another topic and this is for the FBI...how long are you guys going to sit on your hands and let this Sheriff run a muck? Everyone knows you've opened at least one file on the guy. Do something!! For the love of God, Gus has FOIA'd more dirt and found more evidence of illegal activity than any one citizen should have to do. What the hell are the men in black waiting for.

They read your blog too, Gus!

The Madd Bulldog said...

After reading what Zane did to earn his firing, I agree that he was wrong, and a 3 days off sans pay was appripriate.
For what its worth, when I'm not drunk or under the influence of pharmaceuticals, I sort of manage a group of people, so I understand disiplinary action... and I would have given Zane 3-days off as corrective action.
Nygren's and his posse are a bunch of bullies and thugs. As long as you make me part of your "posse", you will get my vote! DOH!

Curious1 said...

I just hope if this former deputy returns to duty he ends his practice of ticketing passengers for driving violations. I understand giving a break here and there but if the guy is willing to sign a document swearing that the Passenger was speeding in order to cover up for the unlicensed driver, then what would he be willing to be untruthful about next?

whatmeworry? said...

Nygren can't be a bully...he's not bald.

uhavenoclue2 said...

gus you sould talk to Zane he decided not to have the merit commission decide his fate which is why it went to an arbitor. Gene L you of all people should know how the process works.