Thursday, October 22, 2009

FEN: Sheriff hints at no appeal

Sheriff Keith Nygren may be undecided about appealing the reinstatement of Zane Seipler that was ordered by the arbitrator. First Electric Newspaper ( is reporting that Nygren may not have decided on the appeal, although both daily newspapers in the County reported that he would appeal to a circuit court judge.

Things will become quite interesting from a political point of view, if Seipler returns now to his job as a McHenry County deputy sheriff.

If Seipler is reinstated, he should require payment of his back pay either in one check or on terms acceptable to him and clearly defined in writing.

There has been a lot of carping in comments to newspaper articles. All the whining should be over, because the arbitrator would have considered the whole case. And, in view of the whole case, three days off without pay was sufficient discipline.

How quickly will Nygren get his legal advice? Does he have it now?

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