Friday, October 23, 2009

C(p)IA for McHenry County?

Should there be a Civilian Police Investigatory Agency for the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Read the article published this week on

Under current policies serious incidents involving deputies of the Sheriff's Department can be kept from public view; e.g., if a deputy supervisor assaults and batters another deputy, it can be swept under the rug by handling it as an administrative disciplinary matter and imposing a penalty of up to 30 days' suspension.

The key is "up to" 30 days. So long as the discipline is not greater than 30 days, the matter doesn't go to the Sheriff's Department Merit Commission and can be kept out of public view as a "personnel" matter.

No big deal that a crime was committed; right?

Did an incident such as the above "example" really happen? It sure did!

Did the public hear about it through the media? No way!

Read the article on McHenry County Advocate and then come back here and vote.

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