Saturday, October 24, 2009

AEDs on planes, trains - next, automobiles?

This morning's Northwest Herald carries an article about State Rep. Jack Franks' (D-63rd) plan to require automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on Illinois mass transit systems. The article goes on to say that Jack "planned to work with mass transportation officials while drafting the legislation."

So, when they say, "Show me the money" to pay for them, how will Jack work with them? Will he draft a bill that requires the State to pay for them or to help pay for them through tax credits? Not according to that article!

"It's a bit of a burden." Give me a break.

Maybe Jack will donate his $1,100,000 election kitty to pay for them, and each one can have a little plaque above it, reading "Donated by the Franks Campaign Fund."

Look around you next time you're on the Metra or a PACE bus. Those employees are going to become AED technicians? Give me another break!

That's what the paramedics are for. Now, locked in a aluminum tube at 33,000 feet is another story. A plane cannot just pull over and stop. Even an Amtrak train could be many miles from a station.

But a PACE bus or a Metra train? The next stop is only minutes away.

What's next? Require them in cabs? In all cars? On bicycles? In backpacks?

An AED proponent (or manufacturer) will say "Yes, they belong everywhere." They don't.

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Frank said...

I agree with them in all public places. Including the Metra and Pace. Don't schools have them? Its much more likely for an elder to have a heart attack on the Pace bus then in a grade school!