Thursday, October 22, 2009

NWH omits online story about sheriff's plan

On Wednesday, October 21, the Northwest Herald carried a story in its print edition (Page 3C) about the plans of McHenry County Sheriff Nygren to appeal an arbitrator's decision to a circuit court judge.

For some reason, the Northwest Herald omitted to carry that story online. Or perhaps I looked so hard for it that I just didn't see it. The last story online is about Zane Seipler and the positive decision by the arbitrator (i.e., that Seipler should have had a three-day suspension, not termination, and that he was awarded all back pay, except for three days).

A reader searching for information would conclude that Seipler was going back to work and would receive his back pay.

According to the print edition, however, Nygren plans to appeal the arbitrator's decision to a circuit court judge.

How long will this take and how much will it cost taxpayers?

My guess? Over a year and tens of thousands of dollars.

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