Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NWH - where are you?

Where is the Northwest Herald coverage of the legal action against special prosecutor David O'Connor in the Dalby case?

The Daily Herald covered it on October 9. In terms of cyber-news, that's ages ago.

Go to and search for "Pribla". Wes Pribla is Amy Dalby's attorney.

Dalby (Pribla) asked a judge in McHenry County last Friday (October 9) to issue a criminal contempt finding against O'Connor for releasing confidential grand jury information to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (

When will the contempt petition have a hearing in McHenry County court? The day after tomorrow. Friday, October 16. Who's the lucky judge?

I should have written this last night after reading the Daily Herald article. Thanks to Curious1 for the nudge this morning.


Whitmore2 said...

Gus, are you going to the hearing?

Gus said...

Yes. Friday, Oct. 16, 9:00AM. Judge Condon's courtroom.

GeneL said...

If Pribla is Dalby's attorney, why does he care about the IARDC. Dalby is not an attorney. Must be his connections to Foley, Kelley, and Regna. Maybe that's how Dalby found her attorney. Her story seemed to change after the attorney was hired. I'm guessing there's some info in the grand jury transcripts that the attorneys don't want out in the open. Their little plot to take over the SA's office seems to have backfired.

Curious1 said...

Gene, if your accusing Dalby of changing her story when she hired Pribla could you be more specific which part of her story you are saying she changed. Of all the parties involved hers seems to have remained the most consistent.