Friday, October 30, 2009

Is your phone ringing?

You know those pesky calls from charities that often come in at dinner time?

And especially those that begin with "I'm calling on behalf of the McHenry County Police Charities."

Does your heart skip a beat, when you hear "McHenry County Police"? Do you hear the word "Charities" at the end of the sentence?

Currently, this organization is not in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, because it did not file its Annual Report that was due October 1st.

If you happen to receive a call soliciting funds for this charity, which is not officially affiliated with the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, you'll want to postpone any decision on giving until you check out its status. To do that, go to, which goes to the official website of the Illinois Secretary of State. (If you like typing, type in

Then click on "Business Services/UCC Online Filings";
Then click on "Corporate/LLC Search / Certificate of Good Standing";
Then click on "Search the Real Time ..."
Enter "McHenry County Police";
Click on "Submit"

Inspect the "Status" box. Today it reads, "Not Good Standing".

If this organization files its Annual Report and pays the required fees, the Status box will indicate "Active", and a date will be shown in the "Annual Report Filing Date" field.


Curious1 said...

Is this the same group that was telemarketing a few years ago claiming to be buying bulletproof vests and used the Mchenry county Sheriffs deputies name only they weren't buying bullet proof vests and Mchenry County deputies weren't able to join the group or benefit from the money? That one was pure scam but was actually linked back to a couple local politico's.

Gus said...

I don't know the history of this group. I just came across its listing on the SOS website, when I was looking for something else.

I do remember calls from a fundraising organization calling on behalf of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, but I don't know whether it was this one.

Perhaps someone else knows more detail and who any politicos were, who were in any way connected.

The Madd Bulldog said...

I get an annoying call from Rep Melissa Bean at least every or everyother month. Its some recorded message that I delete... but its irritating anyway. I called her flunkies and told'm to quit calling TMB unless Melissa wants to come over and have a taste.

Another Lawyer said...

Who has a phone at their house anymore. How 1970's of you, gus.