Tuesday, October 13, 2009

School Board recognizes 24 WHS students

This evening the District 200 School Board recognized 24 Woodstock High School students who excelled on the last American College Test (ACT).

In Illinois 140,000 juniors took the ACT, and the average composite score was 21.2 on a 36-point scale.
Each of these 24 students scored 30 or better, and the average of the 24 students was 31.5. The top 24 students are:
Ana Ahmeti, Elise Beattie, Rachel Bellavia, Christopher Campbell, Brian Christmas, Nathalie Danielson, Deanna Durbin, Stuart Dwyer, Ben Haager, Michael Hansing, David Hess, Daniel Howe, Megan Kraft, Laura Krieg, Jonathan Manke, Jacob Norberte, Kathleen Orndahl, Carl Peterson, Scott Rausch, Derrick Roemisch, Madeline Schuette, Natalie Sherman, James Trainor and Rachel Walker.
Pictured above are some of the 24; not all were able to attend tonight's meeting. A group photo of all 24 will be arranged at Woodstock High School.

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