Friday, October 9, 2009

Lost Mail - anyone else?

Is anyone in Woodstock having trouble with missing mail?

On September 21 I mailed two payments to medical providers, and neither check has been delivered. The Post Office agrees that there might be a problem.

One problem is that I don't remember exactly where I mailed the two envelopes. I could have put them out for the carrier to pick up, when my mail was delivered, or I could have deposited them in one of several mailboxes around town.

The Post Office informed me that mail is picked up from boxes every day and that boxes are checked to make certain that no mail has gotten stuck in chutes. So, where do two different envelopes go to disappear?

The last time I had missing mail was many years ago when I thought I had mailed several envelopes on the same day. When payments were not received, I mailed replacement checks. Guess where I found the envelopes? In the inside pocket of a suit jacket the next spring!

I had had the suit cleaned, wore it one more time before putting it away for the winter and, when I wore it the next spring, there was the missing mail! So, all that is lost - might not be lost...

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Gus said...

These two checks finally cleared - one on Oct. 13 and the other on Oct. 14. Very strange.

I wonder where there got lost in the mail-handling system.