Monday, October 26, 2009

Nygrens reject Hebron homestead exemption

Cal Skinner reports today on that the Illinois Homestead Exemption is to be removed from the Nygren's home in Hebron. On his blog Cal reproduces the letter sent to Florida tax officials by Donna Mayberry, of the McHenry County Office of Assessments.

In her letter dated March 16, 2009, Mayberry explains that the homestead exemption on the Hebron property was not requested by the Nygrens and was placed in the tax records by the township assessor for Hebron.

Mayberry's letter reads, in part, "In our county, we do not have an application process to obtain the owner-occupied exemption.
“The local township assessor makes the determination of eligibility and certifies the information to the county."

On Cal's blog he reported that Mayberry told him, “We took it off” and “They did not want the exemption here.”

So, it appears the Nygrens did not want to claim the homestead exemption here. A logical reason? Because they were probably claiming it somewhere else; i.e., in Florida.

As property owners in Hebron and in consideration of Keith Nygren's being the sheriff elected in McHenry County, where a requirement to run for that office includes that the candidate "has been a resident of the county for at least one year" and is a "Registered voter in the county", wouldn't it seem proper (and ethical) for him to claim his town, county and State for his legal residence?

Presumably, he met the requirements "to run for office" in 2006/ Is it possible that he didn't?

If he purchased his Cape Coral, Florida property on September 15, 2006, when did he declare his Florida residency for the purpose of applying for the homestead exemption?

Did he know the rules for applying for Florida homestead exemption (Florida driver's license, registered voter in Florida, car tags in Florida), when he was running for re-election in November 2006? (But wait! Did he run for re-election, knowing that he would be declaring residency outside the jurisdiction of his office?)

To obtain the Florida homestead exemption, the property owner must be a Florida resident, have a Florida driver's license and be registered to vote. Did he become a registered voter in Florida? If so, why is he still a registered voter in Hebron? A search today on the website of the Illinois State Board of Elections for "Keith Nygren" results in voter registration information for him.

From what state is Nygren's driver's license?

From the Illinois Rules of the Road "To drive legally in Illinois, you must have a valid driver's license." A Florida driver's license would be valid in Illinois for a person visiting Illinois.

But what about a person who works in Illinois? From the Rules in the Road "Drivers moving to Illinois from out of state may use their valid driver's license from their home state for 90 days."

Could you avoid residency in the state of your employment by going back to your permanent residence (where you claim your homestead exemption) frequently? But what about your employment?

Are McHenry County taxpayers getting their money's worth, when an elected official telecommutes or works by cell phone from 1,360 miles away?


DownByTheRiver said...

Poor, poor Keith!

He does not meet the residency or domicile requirements of Florida in order to salvage a lucrative tax break on his retirement property!

Yet at the same time, he does not now appear to meet the domicle or resident requirements of McHenry County, whose taxpayers are paying his salary and will be paying for his retirement benefits in order to finance his luxurious lifestyle!

What will he do?

Hey Gus - start a poll - do we think Keith will run on a "greed" candidacy, or a "stupid" candidacy?

Or both?


Curious1 said...

DB, I get this is personal for you but you do understand that you can be a resident of McHenry County and opt out of the Homestead exception, right? Just as you can be a part time resident of Florida and claim that exemption as long as that home is intended to be permanent, and is only for your personal long term use and no commercial purpose.

Gus said...

"(Florida) Homestead Exemption is ... granted to those applicants who ... are bona fide Florida residents living in the dwelling and making it their permanent home on January 1."


" must meet Florida residency requirements such as Driver’s License, Voter registration, Tag, Domicile..."

"Proof that you (or your spouse) do not receive a residency based exemption or tax credit in another jurisdiction..."

Depending on the date of their application for the Florida homestead exemption, did they apply before the Hebron Township Assessor submitted the certification to Donna Mayberry's office? Could be...

Was notice sent out to property owners that they would be receiving a homestead exemption? Did it require acknowledgement?

Gene said...

Curious1, you are such a moron. The homestead exemption is for permanent FL residents only , as in not for the people who go north in the summer to WI and south in the winter to FL. Since Keith has filed homestead in FL than he is not a permanent resident of IL and should not be allowed to run for any office in IL. We already can see by his campaign expenses in FL that he is there very often. He also has expenses in WI where his other home is. Do you stupid taxpayers want to pay him $144,000 a year to be on vacation all the time . It may not technically be against the law to be absent all the time but it sure stinks to me. Vote this bum out now !

David J. Bachmann said...

Curious:Yes on your first question. No to your second because you are incorrect. You cannot be a 'part time' resident and claim any 'florida homestead.'

I have never claimed that Mr. Nygren ever claimed any 'homestead' in Florida. Per Fl. law, ONE party to the marriage may claim the 'homestead'... and yada yada yada...

May I please respectfully ask a question.

How does a man run for a 'full time' job, such as Sheriff, with enormous responsibilities, and live 'part time' in another state?

I placed my families life and trust, as any voter who voted for Mr. Nygren has done, in my Sheriff.

When I needed his services, HE was MIA. For over a full year. I would not wish upon you nor your family, what I was forced to live next to. My neighbors stayed in their homes out of fear for their children's safety and lives.

I wish Mr. and Mrs. Nygren health and happiness wherever they may lay their heads at night or seek to reside.

But, if you promise to watch over my family and my neighbors, and we pay you to do this, full time, how do you expect us to feel when we see him down in Florida, "Part Time."

What do other civil servants get as "paid" vacation per year after 10 years of service. 3 weeks? heck take a month....

"But be there in your office for your citizens, and for your employees."

Trust is the issue here. I witnessed Mr. Nygren's breach of 'trust.'

Just like the Home State Bank In CL "TRUSTED" that the Nygrens would NOT "Homestead" this "Second Home." It clearly stipulated to on the "Second Home Rider." You saw it.

It was signed on Sept 15, 2006, and 67 days later, Mrs. Nygren gets a Fl. DL and the very following year, apply for the "Homestead" tax break. (which on the Fl home equates to much more than the 300.00 you eluded to earlier.)

(they owned the Florida home for 30 months before the "letter" was sent stating they did not want the Hebron Homestead. 30 months?) No date nor time stamp on the document either.

What was the 'intent' when they signed the promise "Not" to "Homestead" in Fl.

That is mortgage fraud and a 'default' under the Second Home Rider clauses # 6 and # 8.

Because in Fl. one of them signed up for it.... and it doesnt matter who it was.. I could post all kinds of documents that I have on them... but their comes a time to lay down the 'sword' and thank god that I had 'options' and moved on.

I;m not going to get caught up in this any further. Its a matter of 'Trust.'

Perhaps Curious, you and I just have different 'perspectives' based on what we both know and feel.

We shall leave it all at this.

I wish you well.

David Bachmann

DownByTheRiver said...

Yes, Curious1, you can refuse.

But as you said:

>>>> Just as you can be a part time resident of Florida and claim that exemption as long as that home is intended to be permanent

So Curious1, you are in agreement then, that all Keith is looking for in the near future is a sunny retirement, that his interest is totally selfish, regardless of what it is that he should be accomplishing in McHenry County?


DownByTheRiver said...

For $144,000 per year, I'd bitch-slap anyone who needed it.

Hell, for $75,000 per year.


Gus said...

What does the sheriff earn? Earlier this year I wrote that the sheriff earned $100,000, and I think I had learned that from a County Board member who told me it was a statutory compensation amount. And that he earned another $10,000 from something else, the name of which I've forgotten.

But, $144,000? Where did that come from?

DownByTheRiver said...

Curious1 -

It's personal, apparently, on your end.

My end? Totally professional.

I want TOTAL dedication and a forthright manner when either the fire department or the police come to my aid. They are the true heros, and worth their weight in gold.

They shouldn't have to care about not rocking the boat and preserving Keith's retirement, and neither should I. Or whether or not Keith is afraid of dogs.

Curious1 said...

Sure I would agree that it appears the Nygrens are planning on a future retirement in Florida. However, no I would disagree that anyone planning ahead for a retirement elsewhere can not by definition meet current obligations where they currently are. Furthermore, it's just plain silliness to say the Florida home can't be considered Permanent just because they still have a main residence here. Personally, as a McHenry county taxpayer I'm glad the Nygren's are taking the extra tax break in Florida, thus paying more taxes on their property here.

The Madd Bulldog said...

Heck, $144k sure will buy me allot of beer... and some xtra to contribute to the campaign fund of whatever wannabe Sheriff pledges not to arrest me. maybe even enuff left over to buy me a new rust-bucket. DOH!

The Madd Bulldog said...

C1 & DBTR-
Perhaps Dirty Keith sees the writing on the campaign wall and is prepping to lose to the mean, Green sheriff wannabe Gus-o-mundo!
I can see it now- all new squad cars: SmartCars with the single red globe on top! DOH!

Gus said...

Nahhh, no single red globe on top. A light bar - mounted vertically, so it doesn't hang over the sides of the SmartCar and bang bicyclists in their noggins at night.