Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bullying Seminar held at MCC

There was a good program about bullying in schools tonight at MCC.

Principled Minds, of Woodstock, Ill., assembled a panel of five. Harold Rail, executive director, said he had notified all school districts in McHenry County.

How many of them bothered to pass the information along to parents? Not too many, I'd guess, since the audience numbered less than a dozen!

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Debra said...

That does not surprise me at all! My son was bullied in Woodstock schools by a neighbor boy. Since his Mom worked at the school my complaints were brushed aside. Thankfully fate intervened and we moved and my son went to another school and excelled. The bully went on to have many problems and I have always wondered if those that ignored my pleas have thought about us. I feel the schools do not want to get that involved. About time that changed.

Gus said...

Debra, if you would like to contact me directly, I'd like to hear more about your son's having been bullied in Woodstock schools. This nonsense has got to stop and stop now!

On an issue related to excessive (60%) absenteeism, I believed that a big part of the problem was away from school; however, it was affecting educational progress, and I felt the school needed to get involved. Instead, the attitude at the school was that their responsibility stopped at the curb in front of the school. Much later, I learned that wasn't true.

Gus said...

How many students are there in McHenry County, when you count Kindergarten to 12th Grade?

About 54,000 public K-12. Add to that about 5,000 private school students and an unknown number of home-school students.

How many of their parents heard about the bullying program through their schools?