Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another stupid Z-T case

Z-T? Zero Tolerance. You know - where a school district jumps up on its pedestal and takes a stand on an indefensible position on "weapons", when in fact, no "weapon" was involved.

Parents must get involved with their kids' school district before some insane position is taken and a "consequence" (penalty! discipline!) is needlessly inflicted on a student.

The problem with school discipline is that the discipline is administered immediately. If a student is going to be suspended for 3-5-10-20 days, he's out. Sure, he can appeal it. If he wins, how does he get that period of time, for which he was out of school, back? He doesn't!

In this case a Lansingburgh High School (Troy, N.Y. area) senior, Matthew Whalen (photo above), was suspended for 20 days because he had a two-inch pocket knife in the glove compartment his car. Whalen, an honor student, Eagle Scout and National Guardsman who returns to school today, is fighting to clear his name.

Lansingburgh Central School District Superintendent George Goodwin ruled it was a weapon that is forbidden on school property under Lansingburgh's "zero-tolerance" policy on weapons.

Okay, local parents. It's time to get involved with your school districts now. Do not wait for your child to get caught up in this type of insanity.

Contact your school administrator nows, and don't do it alone. Bring up the topic at school board meetings. Form parent groups at all the schools in your district. Understand exactly what is and what is not a weapon. If you have a knife in the trunk or glove compartment of your car, it only becomes a weapon if you take it out and brandish it at someone. An inanimate object in your car is not a weapon!

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Curious1 said...

Thanks for writing on this one Gus. Could not agree with you more on this one. Sometimes people just do more harm than help when they refuse to a little common sense while falling back on the old no tolerance excuse.