Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Merit Commission Members - who are they?

The Sheriff's Department Merit Commission is a five-member commission of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department charged with this purpose:

"To ensure the citizens of McHenry County that there is a fair and equal opportunity system for the employment, promotion, discipline and discharge of full-time Deputy Sheriffs."

Last week's Regular Meeting, which could not be held for lack of a quorum, has been re-scheduled to this Friday morning, October 23, 8:30AM. The Commission meets on the second floor of the Administration Building at 667 Ware Road. Meetings are open to the public.

Commission members include Janelle Crowley (Chair), Brian Goode, William Mack, Patrick McAndrews and Gloria Urch.

The terms of appointment (expiration dates of current terms) for the Commissioners are
Patrick McAndrews, 6-30-2010
Brian Goode, 4-01-2011
Gloria Urch, 4-01-2012
William Mack, 4-01-2014
Janelle Crowley, 4-30-2015

Backgrounds of three Commissioners (Crowley, Urch and McAndrews) are described on the Sheriff's Department Merit Commission website at
http://www.mchenrycountyil.gov/departments/sheriff/Pages/MComm.aspx These three are officers of the Commission: Chair, Secretary and Vice-Chairperson, respectively.

Backgrounds of the remaining two Commissioners (William Mack and Brian Goode) are not described on the webpage. Each has been a member of the Merit Commission since August 2002.


David J. Bachmann said...

I found this of interest... see a name that looks familiar???


Now, go pull Nygrens D'2 reports and look who has given LOTS of C-A-S-H!


P.O. Box 457
850 South Rt. 31
Crystal Lake, IL 60014-0457
Tel: (815)337-2500
Fax: (815)337-2522
E-mail: info@ritacorp.com
For product samples: samples@ritacorp.com

Tom Goode - VP of Sales - Midwest
Email: tgoode@ritacorp.com

David J. Bachmann said...

Probabaly just 'another' coincidence.. I'm just asking?

I'm told the amount is $55,000.00?

I'm just 'asking?'

David J. Bachmann said...

"For the sake of saving time,I am told the total from RITA Corp, which a Thomas GOODE is VP has given $55,000.00... and a man named 'Brian GOODE' sits on the Sheriff's commission? Here is just 'one' example..R.I.T.A.Corp. P.O. Box 1487Woodstock, IL 60098 $5,000.00 8/18/2006 Individual Contribution Citizens to Elect Sheriff Nygren "Again, don't believe your lying eyes! So Zane, it appears your fate is in some very 'friendly' hands.. if your the Sheriff that is. Everybody have a great day!"

"Again, we are discussing 'Integrity' here folks.. arent we? YOUR Sheriff, parties on YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS way down in Ft. Myers Florida??? Zane appears to have a 'leg up' on the integrity issue!

Blue Coyote Business & Social Club 9854 Caloosa Yacht & Rcqt Drive Fort Myers, FL 33919 $318.25 5/6/2009 Expenditure Citizens to Elect Sheriff Nygren Campaign Meal Citizens To Elect Sheriff Nygren

GeneL said...

Go to the IL secretary of state website and look up RITA corp., you can see the president is Brian Goode.

David J. Bachmann said...

And the 'Hits' just keep comin!

If I were Zane, Id take ALL the Nygren 'Campaign' expendatures from Ft. Myers, Florida, bundle all the 'pages' of receipts and documents from Ft. Myers, and send them off to the IRS...

I am happy to provide the 'federal form' needed for such a filing.

GeneL said...

In seven years they haven't been able to get background info on two members for the county website. Maybe there is some things they don't want the public to know. Why would Goode give Nygren $55,000 in donations. If he's giving that much he must be getting ten times that in another way. Why are most of Nygren's donations from vendors that do business with the county. Sounds like pay to play.