Saturday, October 17, 2009

Election petition deadline approaches

The deadline for filing petitions for elected County offices is fast approaching. Petitions can be filed only during a one-week period, beginning October 26 and ending November 2.

The best race of this primary season in McHenry County is the the challenge of Zane Seipler to incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren. If you haven't signed Zane's petition yet, contact him this week. Help him turn in 1,000 valid signatures on his petitions. Why? This will eliminate the opportunity for him not to hit the 560 mark that he needs. Contact Zane at 847.561.1180 or via his campaign website at

And that will provide Zane the opportunity to be on the February 2 Primary Election ballot, where he can go head-to-head against the incumbent.

I believe that there is strong and growing support for Zane within the Republican Party here, and it is important that he be on the Primary ballot, or order for Republicans to be able to go into the voting booth and vote in private for the candidate of their choice on February 2.

I'm still amazed at the shyness of people to oppose the Republican "machine" in McHenry County. It's just like the Chicago machine, only a different animal for the logo. If you aren't "in", then you are definitely "out."

But that's changing. So I'm happy to say, "Pull a Republican ballot on February 2, and vote for Zane Seipler."

Why am I not asking you to vote for me on February 2? Because I'll have all the votes I'll need on February 2 to be the Green Party candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County. And then you can vote for me on November 2, 2010, when your vote for me will really count!

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