Friday, October 23, 2009

Check out Nygren Florida property taxes

According to information posted on the Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry blog, there may be some "interesting" questions about property values and taxes going on in Cape Coral, Florida, where McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and his wife own a home.

On that blog this afternoon there are posted property tax bills for several recent years. More importantly, questions are raised about exemptions that property owners can claim - exemptions that may be available only to those claiming to be residents of the State of Florida.

Check the following Property Values:

2008 $446,460 (less $50,000 claimed exemptions)
2007 $501,910 (less $25,000 claimed exemption)
2006 $555,670 (no exemption claimed)
2005 $377,720 (no exemption claimed)

How does a property's value jump almost $180,000 in one year, and then begin dropping?

I'll leave the interpretation of the proposed property tax bills to you, as I am knowledgeable about neither Florida nor Illinois property tax statements or exemptions.
We haven't been seeing a big decrease in property values around here, at least so far as property taxes go.
Visit that website and then click on the photos for the property tax information.

What does it all mean?


DownByTheRiver said...

Just got my tax assessment from Jagla in Nunda - "no change in assessment/vale". Bullshit!!!!! Sorry Dennis - used to believe you were legit.

Gus, Florida is dropping, plummeting, so that’s on the up-and-up. Been watching Indian Rocks Beach and Belleair Beach myself on “”. However, not too many can afford a $600,000 + house, plus another $300,000 house, plus another Wisconsin place as well. Can you say, “complacent?”

Bye bye, Keith!

If he’s willing to LIE for a measly benefit of $600 - $800 on the Cape Coral home, what is he willing to do for even MORE money? And how about that Wisconsin place? I’m sure we have yet to even scratch the surface here!

He is the Walrus – Koo-koo-kachew!


DownByTheRiver said...

Then he expends public funds in order to post a deputy outside of the home of a political rival for intimidation?

Then he expends campaign donations to solidify his big-shot status amongst Florida friends and neighbors? Unless some of those folks are gratis Illinois visitors to his humble Cape Coral abode?

Time to cut the purse strings!


David J. Bachmann said...

The LARGER picture is

Florida Residence DO NOT have state income tax.. so lets say, oh I dont know, you were a school teacher and have a 'pension' of 50,000 per year? or so?

If you claim "Homestead" in Florida, you pay NADA in state income taxes..

See where it goes... it aint about the real-estate tax bill...

DownByTheRiver said...

Very interesting David -

Anyone know if either walrus is drawing a pension currently and "washing" it through Florida these last few years?

Either way, it proves out someone "gaming" a system they're paid to uphold and apply equally to each and every one of us.

Sir Pumkin :( said...

I've been reading "Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry" and The Mchenry County Blog. The investigative work of these allegations is outstanding. It's indicative of a man known as the "Skunk"! Damn that handsome bastard!