Thursday, October 29, 2009

NWH limits reporting on sheriff

Yesterday the Northwest Herald carried reporter Jill Duchnowski's article about the flap over the Nygrens' homestead exemption claimed on their Cape Coral, Florida home.

Why can't it be found online today? It was there yesterday, along with many comments. A search for "Nygren, "homestead" or "Duchnowski" doesn't find that article. The web is where you find information in the 21st century, especially after the fish bones get wrapped in the paper and tossed in the garbage.

As soon as the print edition is gone, where is the public going to find the news? You can find it here:

The first version of the story, which also appears in the print edition, included Sheriff Nygren's statement, "If I spend a couple of days there (Florida) a year, that's it."

Cal Skinner quotes the sheriff's comment about how much (little) time he spends in Florida in the McHenry County Blog ( and then reports on a revision to the sheriff's quote.

The revised article, carried in the online edition ( yesterday (10:38AM), read, "On Wednesday Nygren clarifiied (sic) a previous statement and said he spends a few days at a time in Florida, which amounts to a few weeks overall."

I'll go with his first statement. Reporters listen carefully. When they quote someone, what gets quoted is what that "someone" said.

Maybe Nygren can lose the word "few" and reveal exactly how many days he has spent in Florida each year since buying their Cape Coral house in September 2006 (and also how he happened to rack up substantial political campaign expenses dining and drinking in Florida).

The other item not mentioned online by the Northwest Herald was the backtracking by Sheriff Nygren in the Seipler reinstatement matter. An arbitrator decided that Seipler should not have been fired; a 3-day suspension would have been sufficient. At first, the sheriff rushed to say that he would appeal to McHenry County Circuit Court.

Then the word was out that he might not appeal. OK, so if he's not going to appeal, when does Zane Seipler, now Republican candidate for Sheriff in the February 2, 2010 Primary Election, go back to work.

And when does Seipler get his year's back pay that the arbitrator awarded?


Bart S. said...

Usually I won't comment on blogs. They are obviously slanted. I have to this time because it has become more and more apparent that the NWH is a pro-Nygren paper.

It's obvious that Nygren is lying. He spends more time out of McHenry County than he does in it. Good for him. I wish I had that kind of money. But this makes him dishonest. He's skirting the law. He's deceiving the voters.

He's also hurting people. His absence form McHenry County has lead to a lot of incidents in the past year. Zane becomes a whistleblower, does something stupid on a traffic stop, gets fired, wins his job back, Nygren keeps fighting him. There's more goingon here than meets the eye. Pavlins get hurt and charges get dismissed, O'Grady gets hurt and charges get dismissed. Female inmates getting groped by correction officers, now some other contraversy is going on at the jail. Koziol tells the NWH gangs havent changed in 10 years but LITH is having serious problems.

We need a Sheriff who deals with these problems directly. Nygren isn't doing that. It has been proven that at the very least he is a part time sheriff. Maybe if he was here all these problems wouldn't be happening. I know when my boss is gone I slack off. Same for all people, even cops.

I'm not thrilled with the choices in this election but I am happy that people like Gus and Zane and Mahon are coming forward to give us a choice. Nygren is in retirement, no matter how badly he lies about it.

DownByTheRiver said...

See? It's still all about his impending retirement. Keith forsees a time in the near future when he'll step down.

Or if Marge IS spending so much time down there, do they consider themselves separated? Is Marge alone with the pool boy for months at a time?

And he's down there maybe a couple days a year? Nope! Oooops! A "few" days now, because there are receipts for many. many more days per year racked up in wining and dining down there.

Yeah, like a couple days a year, oh about 7 days now, at $100,000 per day? Or maybe 7 weeks now, at $100,000 per week?

Uhh huh!

Will he be like McCain - is he close to the point where he forgets how many homes he has and has to ask his staff before answering?

Gus said...

Apparently, it is not intentional on the part of the NWH to deny search results for "Nygren", "homestead", or even a reporter's name connected to specific articles.

It seems that the NWH might have some bugs in its search engine, and they are working to solve the problem.

Curious1 said...

Gus, it's still there it's just dated so it's not on the front page anymore. Just click on more local headlines and scroll down a few days into the past and it's still there. It's not the most user friendly site to search at time but they still have it up so no need to put out a "conspiracy alert"

DownByTheRiver said...

Does anyone here know what you can deduct as mortgage interest expense for taxes on how many second homes?

Might be another interesting avenue of discussion.

DownByTheRiver said...

Thanks Bart!

You're opening statement about where the NW Herald's interests lay re-open what Cal had been saying on his blog.

Cal had questioned the NW Herald's possible bias in that the McHenry County Board gave them a special loan deal so they could build their new building!

DownByTheRiver said...

The Sheriff is one of the most important players when it come to the quality of life that peaceful law-abiding have a right to expect in the County. Our families and our communities need protection, more so than ever before.

Nygren has no minor children that need protecting. His wife isn't really living here anymore either if you believe them, so not much need for protection or concern for the quality of life here, either.

Concern for our community? Not so much, as they're gone so much of the time.

There's no time to help on erradicating a known drug house, yet we can send 4 or 5 Deputies at a crack to rough up an elderly couple, or send them off guns drawn, to deal with an overdue traffic ticket?

Quality of life here in the County is far less important to him at this time in his life than is the quality of life in Cape Coral generally, and probably in Minocqua in the summer.

I'm sure those are both fine places.