Saturday, October 17, 2009

Make A Difference Day - Oct. 24

One week from today, on Saturday, October 24, will be Make A Difference Day 2009.

On this day you (yes, YOU!) can make a difference in someone's life in a special way, perhaps just by being you. You might decide to do something grand or huge, or you might just stop and hold a door for someone.

See that piece of trash or newspaper on the sidewalk or gutter? Pick it up.
See that person struggling with a package? Offer to carry it.
See that empty grocery cart being blown by the wind in the Jewel parking lot? Grab it before it hits a car and then park it in a Cart Corral.

Or do something bigger. Get involved with PADS or the Family CARE Project or CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) or your child's school's parent-teacher organization (and do more than just raise money; find out what's going on at school and be an active voice there).

Or find out how you can visit someone at Valley Hi who hasn't had a visitor in ten years. Or plan to invite some members of the military to Thanksgiving dinner.

You (that's y-o-u) can make a difference. Watch for televised Make A Difference Campaign messages this week on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox - and on other stations.


Ellen said...

It's really too bad there has to be a day set aside to bring our attention to caring behavior. It's not really that hard to act that way. If for no other reason but that it just feels good to do something for someone else no matter how inconsequential we may think it is. Once you do it for a while it just becomes part of you and you wouldn't think of acting any other way. You can't help but pay it forward when it happens to you.

The Madd Bulldog said...

Way to go Ellen!
I'll vow to pick up some empty beers cans along the road... not mine of course, as I toss mine into the back seat of my rust bucket! DOH!