Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't rock the boat

A comment to the "Homestead Requirements..." article (below) mentioned something about not rocking the boat.

I was reminded of a movie I saw back in about 2002 (and have watched 2-3 times since) called Putney Swope. Putney Swope was a black man on an otherwise-white board of directors of an advertising agency.

When the Chairman of the Board died suddenly and collapsed on the boardroom table, a member of the Board pulled out the by-laws and explained how they were to go about electing a new chairman. No one liked Putney, and many of the other board members decided that Putney ought to get at least one vote, so each voted for him, believing he was the only one voting for Putney.

You can guess what happened. Putney Swope was elected!

Then one offered advice to Putney, saying, "Putney, don't rock the boat."

Putney responded, "I'm not going to rock the boat. I'm going to sink the boat."

I'd say there are a number of people intent on not (just) rocking the boat in McHenry County!


The Madd Bulldog said...

Yea, keep run'n your mouth Buster and your candidacy is gonna go down like the Titanic! DOH!

Curious1 said...

But by someone "rocking the boat" by saying they "caught" a man doing something he had already admitted as an error and corrected himself over half a year before they "caught" him, a bit like trying to "rock the boat" when it's been long since put in storage for the winter?

David J. Bachmann said...

To funny! Like running home to tell mommy you hit your sister because she hit you first...

So how long AFTER the 'double dipping' did it take them to 'admit' an error...2 years?

Then, sign mortgage documents that state you won't use a home as a primary residence, then 68 days later do just that..

LOL LOL To funny...Its amazing how people actually can be 'fooled!'

You keep on being the fool..your good at it. He's your baby.

David J. Bachmann said...

Here's the bottom line.

When people elect you and place their trust in you... show up for work.. thats it..

If Keith and Marge are wealthy, God Bless Them...Their is nothing wrong with folks living well.

But, if your not going to do the job, then retire.

Nothing else really matters...

Im all done now.. Its been real!

DownByTheRiver said...

Gus –

There is no loophole. That is, if words mean things.

There are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES involved here.

1) In the first, the relevant Florida Law you’ve posted here regarding whether or not someone can validly claim a Homestead Exemption in Florida is valid, and is the law. Under that plain language alone, and based on David’s and Cal’s information provided on their own sites, and this website; neither Marge or Keith can claim a valid domicile in Florida. The law as written clarifies under what circumstances such exemption can be legally claimed, with which whose strictures their day-to-day legal realities DO NOT agree. This law and these statements STAND ALONE. Such requirements stand on their own merits before applying ANY other part of the statute. Further, seeing Marge’s particulars as published on all of these sites as a registered McHenry County voter, etc; it’s obvious SHE cannot qualify at this time for an exemption, thus, their Florida exemption is in error, and illegal. Only poor ol’ Keith is the one that needs to establish residency here in order to run again as Sheriff!

2) Second, the additional statute you reference ONLY applies to the ability of any one spouse to have the authority to simply APPLY for a Homestead Exemption in Lee County, Florida. Only one spouse, or in this case, Marge; is allowed by statute to apply for this status without Keith’s knowledge or assent. Yet, regardless of her allowed ability to do so unilaterally, her bid for an Exemption in Lee County Florida is still subject to her ability to meet the general legal requirements as outlined in the your initial posting of the law as written. And she DOES NOT qualify. Get ready Marge, Keith is gonna try to blame it all on you! Stand by your man!

Perhaps Keith might wish to “qualify” – however, the only problem is that he needs to be a legal resident of McHenry County in order to run for the Office of Sheriff in McHenry County! Darn it!

And now this is compounded by the fact that Ms. Mayberry, and official of McHenry County, feels that based on the facts presented her, can no longer certify poor ol’ Keith as a resident of McHenry County!!!!!

Poor Keith!!!!! Let’s see him try to run now on having been ignorant or uneducated.

Because the only other explanation left is that he simply got caught violating THE LAW, you know, the whole thing that’s supposed to be his forte! If Marge can look out for herself, I hope there’s not a dog or cat in the home!


DownByTheRiver said...

So now what will Keith do?

He needs to be a legal resident in the County, yet another County official has in fact decided that she can not certify him as a County resident! LOL!

How can he bring this problem to the fore and solve it "quietly", what with all of this information and discussion regarding this issue on all of these Blogs?

What will the bank decide to do? His contract with them is now null and void, should they wish it to be. The whole reason they put those lines in the mortgage contract regarding admonishing that the borrower will not claim additional Exemptions is soley because they wish not to be embroiled in this very type of dispute, as being a party to such an issue, they endeavor to prevent having to spend any money on this in official responses to all the various public officials involved in such an investigation.

In correcting same, how can all of this not fail to pique "official" journalistic interest?

An then what does he claim to the Editorial Boards? Ignorance? Or will it be greed?

Your call, Keith!


DownByTheRiver said...

Hey Curious1:

Too bad he “caught” the error.

‘Cause now THE McHenry County Assessment Official can now longer certify Keith’s domicile status in the great County of McHenry, State of Illinois!

We’ll see who’s standing after next year – will it be Ms. Mayberry, or will it be Mr. Nygren?

Ms. Mayberry, if you’re forced to retrench or are fired, we’ll know who’s responsible, as we watch the County Board meetings, too. Please remind the relevant Board members of this fact when (and if) they chew you out and either fire you, or force you to back down. Don’t walk out to your car if there’s a white Tahoe or Suburban parked next to your car! You’ll be officially “glared” at!

I’m “Curious1” as to how’s he gonna run, either as the “ignorant” candidate, or the “greed” candidate, and how “Curious1” is going to be able to vote for him if he’s not a resident here?

Darn those pesky laws and all!


DownByTheRiver said...

God, you're thick, aren't you Curious1!

An "error" is something that happens accidentally.

These multiple Homestead Exemptions don't happen accidentally.

They are the result of ACTIVELY APPLYING for same, at least in Lee County Florida.

How is it that they ACTIVELY APPLIED for special consideration BY ACCIDENT?

Maybe it was all those local area Lee County dinners at the club paid for from Keith's political fund, ponied up by McHenry County residents and business interests.

How do you feel about that, Curious1?

Happy to provide a filet mignon dinner to folks you don't even know?


Curious1 said...

OK McHenry County residents how many of you remember filling out your application for a Homestead exemption as part of your property taxes? Hopefully none of you because we don't apply for it here as the assessor's assign it. Yet DB here wants us all to suspend reality and pretend the Nygren's are the one family in the entire county that actually applied for it and on top of that fantasy DB wants you to believe when they did this fantasy application they did so with the intent to deceive.

The Nygren's actually became aware they needed to remove their Homestead exception. How many out there would know of the top of their heads if the County has assigned this exemption to your property, what the requirements are for it, and if you should notify the county they have assigned it to you in error?

and all that for hundred bucks or so.

Gus said...

The Nygrens received the Homestead Exemption, just like everyone else. At least, I presume that the Township Assessors gave the Exemption to every owner-occupied house. But how would the Assessor know if an owner lived in the house he owned? Was a questionnaire sent out?

But home is where you live, where you work, where you are registered to vote. Well, actually, you register to vote at the address where you live. As have the Nygrens. Right there in beautiful Hebron. Just up the road from the office.

So, should the sheriff of the County declare his permanent residence - his home - to be 1,360 miles away in Cape Coral, Florida, just so he can save a few bucks on his real estate taxes there? Or even more than "a few" bucks?

What about the valid driver's license issue?

What about his voter registration? Is he registered to vote in Illinois (yes) and in Florida?

Gene said...

It's amazing how the letter about the IL exemption just appeared after the story about Nygren's double dipping hit the blogs. It shows how politics works in Mchenry County. How come his wife has a FL drivers license, are you going to tell me they live in different states, yeah right. These two are scamming on their taxes and wasting our money for an absentee sheriff. Wake up people.

DownByTheRiver said...

Who you ask, Curious1?

Me, for starters! I am familiar with every jot and tittle on that god-damn bill.

When I purchased my place from an estate, I saw that I was receiving both a Senior Citizen's Exemption as well as a Low-Income Exemption, both of which I did not deserve.

I set things straight, as it was my duty as a citizen and fellow taxpayer.

Maybe I should run for Sheriff?

Curious1 said...

Gene, the letter existed and has been on file since early this year both here in IL and in FL. It did not just "appear", the original accuser on this simply either did not check or chose not to release all the facts.