Monday, October 19, 2009

Melissa Bean - "Language" Artist

Recently I communicated with Melissa Bean, via her website email form, on the proposed Social Security freeze for retirees and the scheduled hike in Medicare premium. This combination will result in a reduction in the monthly payments to retirees.

Today I received her email response. Where is the big white porcelain bus? I am ready to vomit!
After writing my initial feelings about the content and tone of her reply, I decided to take the "high road" and delete them.

Bean has learned well from her colleagues in the Congress. She has learned how to send a long message that doesn't say a thing. Pitiful, indeed.


The Madd Bulldog said...

Same can be said of a great portion of your blogs... DOH!

I keep get'n messages from her, but i dont know how to delete'm on my rotary telephone. DOH!

whatmeworry? said...

Forget sheriff...go for congress. The bozo bus has seats left.