Friday, October 30, 2009

Philpott files petitions for Sheriff

Gus Philpott (that's me; errrr, that is I) filed petitions today as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of McHenry County.

So that puts four hats in the ring, three of which will be on heads in the General Election.

But first, there is the Primary Election on February 2, 2010.

The first "race" will be in the Republican Party, where Zane Seipler will be working hard to oust the incumbent sheriff, Keith Nygren, from the November 2010 General Election ballot. He can do that by winning the Primary on February 2.

If you are ready for a change from the past 12 years, then you'll want to pull a Republican ballot on February 2 and vote for Zane. That's the first race. (We'll talk about the next race on February 3.)

And there may not even be the expected Republican choice in February, because even before the February 2nd Primary, there is a challenge period following the close of the filing period on November 2 (Monday).

This challenge period is going to be lively, and it already appears that a real challenge will develop against the forms submitted by one of the Republican candidates.


ace said...

Would you look at that, you have your own paparazzi now. Maybe there will be photo evidence of your driving infractions now.

joe said...

Hey Gus, Is it true you got a WHOPPING and I mean WHOPPING 49 people to sign your, which includes your signature. petition.Wonder how many of those people actually knew they were signing for you to be Sheriff.. If I am not mistaken, I think Sheriff Nygren actually got over 3000 signatures What, with those numbers you got there is no doubt in my mind your a shoe in. Maybe that should tell you something,like maybe you have no qualifications at all, like not a single one.. I think it sounds like people are tired of your shameless way of going about things. Wait until they go over your petition cause it sounds like theres some real problems with that and your potential candidacy.
See ya in the funny papers.. P.S When do you expect you will tell us all about your glowing experience

Gus said...

joe, I published your comment for a reason. And it's not because you know what you are talking about. I could have just deleted it. Maybe I should have.

Do you know how many signatures were required for me to submit my petitions? Do you? Why should I turn in many more than were needed?

All signers knew whose petition they were signing. My name was right at the top.

Do you even know what the qualifications are for the Office of Sheriff? Do you? I doubt it.

For your information, they aren't ANY problems with my petitions or my candidacy.

If you think there are, name them. Specifically. And include your name.

Keith needed 560. Why would he waste Petition Circulators' efforts to collect 3,000? Or waste the County Clerk's time and energy to stamp 300+ forms as "Received"?

Gene said...

Nygren didn't get 3000 signatures, and he sure didn't get very many on his own. He uses his political cronies to get his signatures. You are not going to see Nygren walking neighborhoods. There was also the "young republicans" who got signatures for him, they seem to forget there are two republican candidates for sheriff.

David J. Bachmann said...

Good luck to you Gus. I have only one piece of advise for ya...

"No Double Dippin!"

Have fun! Dirty Harry will be watchin!

The Madd Bulldog said...

Nice to see you got a haircut and looked respectable making your submssion. I think ya look real good with that tin star pinned on yer chest! Go get'm Bigg Shooter!

Another Lawyer said...

I predict that there will be exactly ZERO challenges to the petitions.

I have ran for office 5 times in McHenry Co. and never been challenged once.

Gus said...

I don't recall the name of the man who challenged Perry Moy's petition. When was that? Four years ago? I attended the hearings. Actually, I thought the objector was correct. The Election Board didn't.