Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicago Olympics Survey result

In a recent reader survey the question was asked, “Did the IOC make the right decision to eliminate Chicago in the first round?”

37 (75%) said Yes
12 (25%) said No

Many thanks for the 49 readers who responded.

I’ll side with the 75% here. The Olympics would have been a disaster for Chicago, which cannot handle crime, filth, unemployment, poverty.

Maybe I’m biased from my working in the Loop in the late 1960s and being downtown during the riots in 1968. Sure, a lot has changed; i.e., Navy Pier. The millions spent elsewhere downtown. The new buildings.

But already the CTA is jacking up fares and blaming it on the IOC. Baloney!

Higher fares will lead to fewer riders, which will lead to lower revenues, which will lead to higher fares, which will lead to fewer riders, which will lead to lower revenues. Get the picture? Apparently, they don’t!

Frankly, I’m glad that the IOC sent an early and clear message to Daley. “You’re outa here!”

Too bad that Obama wasted so much money for the joy ride to try to prop up Daley. Just how much did that little junket cost us?

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The Madd Bulldog said...

What a joke... it was the Richie and Paddy show... both a pair of arse-clowns!
Who in their right mind would want to come to a city full of:
1. corruption and patronage
2. daily killings from a variety of utensils: cars, guns, knives, railroad ties, etc.
3. highest sales tax in the country.
4. desecration of the dead (Burr Oak)
5. hotel staffs on strike.
6. union strongholds that you cant even change a lightbulb.
7. and so on... and so on...

I can hear the holla from the Olympic Village now>>> Lalalalalalalalala Jihaaaaaadddd!!