Tuesday, October 13, 2009

District 200 would do differently

Tonight I addressed the District 200 school board at its semi-monthly meeting. I mentioned the case of Zachary Christie, age 6, proud Cub Scout, happy owner (until recently) of a Scout utensil set, including a fork, spoon and knife (and bottle opener). I even took my utensil set for Show & Tell. As I left the podium, I commented that I had left the knife at home!

I said that I hoped such a disciplinary action would never happen in District 200 for a non-crime, and Supt. Ellyn Wrzeski assured me that a zero-tolerance policy, such as was implemented against Zach, would not occur in District 200.

She stressed zero-tolerance for a weapons violation or crime. No problem from me on that.

But she said that, should a youngster arrive at school with a small pocketknife or plastic knife in his lunchbox for lunch, it would be collected from him and his parents would be called.

I was not entirely at ease with her comment that a kid would not be suspended for more than a few days. And I said so.

I offered to be on a committee of parents, teachers and staff (and afterwards thought, what about some students on the committee?) to review District 200 policy on this subject. Ellen invited me to call her and to meet with her, and I'll be sure to take her up on that invitation.

It's too easy, though, for one parent's voice to get lost in the wilderness.

Are there other parents who would be on such a committee, if it were formed? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Wow... you "addressed" the school board!!! We're you nervous? Did you imagine all the board members naked? Were YOU naked? DOH!

Enough smartarse comments- thanx for stepping up to the plate and reminding all of "common sense"... something lacking all over these days.

Curious1 said...

Thanks for stepping up on this one, Gus. These things somehow come in bunches, I read a story yesterday about an Eagle Scout in New York that was suspended for 25 days when it was learned he kept a 2 inch blade in a road emergency kit that was locked in the trunk of his car on school property. Just plain silliness when taken to that level.