Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Attn. NWH. It's not "Woodstock"!!!

The lead article on right now (3:51PM) is a report of a drug deal gone bad, and the story carries the online headline, "Police seeking suspect in botched drug deal".

And then the next word you see is WOODSTOCK.

As you read the article, you learn that it didn't happen in Woodstock. The deal started, apparently, in Algonquin and carried over into Lake in the Hills.

Woodstock gets stuck with a bad rap on many stories, because the McHenry County Courthouse, Jail and Sheriff's Department are in Woodstock. So the reporters or the editors tag Woodstock for the (whatever-they-call-it) location-word at the beginning of the article.

The Mayor and the City Manager of Woodstock and the Executive Director and the President of the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce need to have a little heart-to-heart with the editors of the Northwest Herald and persuade them to put the town or village (or city) where the crime occurred as the first word/location for the story.

How about it, folks? Are you willing to do this? And to tell us what luck you had?

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't that lead-in (or whatever its called) say where the story is coming from?
Perhaps the info given to the NWH about the botched drug bust came from the Sheriff's dept in WOODSTOCK?
Who gives a crap, other than you? Perhaps the stories you break should have the location of BLOGGER or GUS-O-MUNDO... or better yet DUMB-ARSE. dough.