Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Woodstock honors Kayla Beattie

Woodstock High School graduate Kayla Beattie was honored last night by the Woodstock City Council for her superior athletic and academic achievements.

At the beginning of the City Council, Mayor Sager read a Proclamation and presented it to Kayla. Kayla excelled on the track and in classes, bringing many trophies to Woodstock and finishing her high school studies with a grade-point well above 4.0.

Kayla will enter college this fall at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City.

Good luck in your studies, Kayla, although we both know that "luck" isn't the big factor in your accomplishments. Your desire to excel and your dedication to hard training and studying has resulted in your successes.

Kayla's family and coaches from Woodstock High School were present last night. Mayor Sager invited Councilman RB Thompson, a retired Woodstock High School teacher, to be recognized with Kayla, her family and the coaches.

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