Monday, August 8, 2011

Media still not reporting Hubbard arrest

Local media are reporting the arrest of McHenry resident Bernardo Ramirez-Barron for sex crimes, but they still are not reporting the arrest of Steven J. Hubbard, who also is a guest in Hotel Nygren in Woodstock.

In an earlier article I reported his bail incorrectly. Judge Beaderstadt set the bail at $100,000, and the amount I previously reported ($10,028) would be the usual 10%, plus a $28 service fee.

According to the complaint filed by Det. K. Ducak of the McHenry Police Department, Hubbard had the intent to commit the offense of aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a 7-year-old girl, in the City of McHenry. The second count describes in what manner he did so.

A No-Contact Order was issued, and he is to have no contact with the child.

A warrant was issued on Wednesday, August 3, by Judge Beaderstadt. The Complaint reads that on or about August 3, Hubbard committed the offenses listed in the Complaint. Subpoenas were issued by the Gummerson Rausch law firm of Woodstock on August 5 to the Child Advocacy Center of McHenry County Illinois and to the McHenry Police Department.

Hubbard is being held in the McHenry County Jail and will appear tomorrow at 9AM in Courtroom 304 before Judge Prather. A Motion to Re-Assign has been filed.


Confused? said...

So you are saying that this person who was arrested for criminal sexual abuse of a seven year old is related to Sgt. Hubbard at the McHenry County Sheriff's Office? And it hasn't been published by the Northwest Herald? But when Dep. Milliman's brother was murdered the Sheriff and the NWH immediately told the world that it was a prostitution transaction gone bad. That's weird. For one employee whose family member is the child molesting scum, they cover up an incident and for another employee whose family member was the victim of murder they destroy him. GOOD OLD NYGREN DIRTBAGS! I hope a Special Prosecutor is appointed and that old man and his Nazi Stormtroopers get put where they belong. Behind bars.

Gus said...

Many jails list who is incarcerated in online records.

McHenry County Jail is not one of them.