Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who (what?) is the shooter?

Here's an unusual sign that I spotted today on McConnell Road at Oak Ridge Lane, right at the entrance to McConnell Hills community. This is just east of Route 47.

What do you suppose this sign means?


Gus said...

A reader informs me that the "shooter" lives in the County, probably in the 1300 block of Zimmerman Road, outside the City Limits of Woodstock.

The County has no restriction on discharge of firearms on one's own property. He reportedly shoots his guns all weekend long, sometimes on weekdays. His property adjoins the MCCD area Dufield Pond, and there are townhomes and apartments across the street. One neighbor says he is (less than polite).

Numerous complaints have been made to the McHenry County Sheriff's Dept., but dispatchers tell these callers that "There is nothing we can do". One dispatcher has become sick of the calls, in the opinion of the reader, and now becomes angry and rude on the phone when neighbors call to complain.

Apparently, the sign with the shooter's phone number was removed a short time after I photographed it. One neighbor wonders, since people in the area are now desperate enough to post signs with the guy's phone number on it, if things might get ugly.

tiredofthenonsense said...

I'll be interested in which side of this you come down on, if you do.

Gus said...

Like my favorite bumper sticker says, "Everybody is entitled to my opinion." So here it is.

While it might be lawful to discharge firearms in the County, it's stupid to do so close to numerous residences.

The neighbors have a clear-cut case for Disorderly Conduct charges against the shooter. The neighbors are alarmed, disturbed and in fear of a breach of their peace (or injury or death). All the elements of the charge are there.

What's your opinion?

tiredofthenonsense said...

My opinion only matters to me since I am not the one grinding axes or inflating my credentials. I do believe that the part about discharging a firearm anywhere on your property is incorrect. I believe there is something about neighboring dwelling proximity. I do not believe the part about the Sheriffs Dept. being rude or unconcerned either. Then again like I said earlier.

RicochetRabbit said...

Distance from a dwelling only applies when HUNTING. The appropriate ILCS section would fall under reckless conduct. 720 ILCS 5/12-5

Strange that the COUNTY must yield to the whims of nearby homeowners in Hartland where a professionally designed the Sheriff Range is, confined by huge high earthen bearms YET someone surrounded by nearby homes is off scot free.

Sec. 12‑5. Reckless conduct.
(a) A person commits reckless conduct when he or she, by any means lawful or unlawful, recklessly performs an act or acts that:
(1) cause bodily harm to or endanger the safety of another person;

You can not tell me that firing a weapon within a few hundred yards of another home is not a reckless act. Unless it is a professionally designed range such as the MCSO range with proper backstops so as to absorb and ricochet it is reckless. IS it supervised? I say “NO WAY JOSE”

Reckless conduct under subdivision (a)(1) is a Class A misdemeanor.

Gus said...

RR, many thanks for your comment and for providing the Statute!

Gus said...

From a reader:

"This is a pet peeve of mine! Being on the receiving end of complaints (by one neighbor that also calls MCSD to complain about farming activities, such as planting or harvesting, after dark, the smell of manure and fertilizer in the fields, legal duck and geese hunting, and target shooting! Keep in mind, I'm on 120 acres, across the road from this neighbor. Target shooting is done towards the middle of the property, with no residential developments in range, let alone in sight! A couple years ago I had friends here, and the neighbor called MCSD to report that a black gang banger was walking around with a wasn't a gang banger, it was a good friend, black, and had recently completed service as a Navy Seal! He was taking the .22 out to shoot (yes...he has a FOID card).

“Other than early morning hunting, I only allow target shooting during the afternoon, and try to limit it to no more than an hour.

“My point is, there are people who move into the country for the view and the low real estate taxes, but when faced with the realities of country (rural) life, they complain. Whether it's farming activities, noise and smells from animals, hunting, shooting... there are a lot of baseless complaints. And without all the information, for example how big is this guy's property? What hours of the day is he shooting? You really can't pass judgement on him.”

To this reader, thanks for your comment. With 120 acres you are obviously not in town. The target of these neighbors is a man who would be IN Woodstock except for the close-in City Limit. He is on six acres and nearly surrounded by houses and apartments.