Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calling all investors...

Hey, folks!

How about investing some of your money? OK? You know that puny return you get at the bank? What is the interest on savings accounts now? 1%? 2% 3%

How about 10-12% in the first year, with an 18-20% return by the fifth year and a five-year internal rate of return of 28-30%? Too good to be true?

More risk? How much more? A little? A lot? Can you handle it?

Read: what Mark Houser and EquityOne Sports have to say about what they can do with your money.

Who was it (Mark Twain? Will Rogers?) who said, "It's not return on my money that concerns me. It's the return of my money!" And I heard that one back in 1966!

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