Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Should Code be enforced?

The owner of this property on N. Seminary Ave. in Woodstock is a persistent violator of the City Code. Look at this junk in his front yard at the corner of Seminary and Christian Way, across from where Grace Hall stood.

These trailers showed up one day, and Woodstock Code Enforcement was notified. Presumably, they have cited the property owner. Now he'll play the waiting game, run out the clock, move them, and then probably move them right back. There are two small, junky, utility trailers and a ratty-looking, handmade sign.

I'd give you the address (715?), except the property owner removed the number sign from over his front door several years ago.

The van and the trailer have been stored in the driveway for about a year. Kinda makes you wonder why the City hasn't got the muscle to get this property cleaned up.

Often in the mornings there is a pick-up truck pulled partially into the driveway and then left parked so that it blocks the sidewalk. I don't think it has ever been ticketed.

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