Tuesday, August 9, 2011

$21,000 theft knocked down to <$300 misdemeanor

What's that smell coming from 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock? Phew. Something sure stinks!

See this morning's article in the Northwest Herald about the Lakewood woman who stole more than $20,000 worth of heating and air-conditioning equipment from her employer, Aero Forze Heating & Cooling, and was charged with a felony in 2009?

I don't know her attorney, David A. Ullrick, but he must be the guy to have, if you get charged with a felony in McHenry County.

If you look at the online records of the McHenry County Circuit Court, Tammy Clausen, 39, had 31 court dates! Finally, yesterday, a negotiated plea (a "deal") was struck and Judge Sharon Prather accepted a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of theft under $300.

Let's see, what was the deal here? Clausen stole over $20,000 worth of equipment, and she gets off with a Class A misdemeanor by promising to pay her (former?) employer back. Plus $1,158 for the court system. And no jail time!

Why not another 30 days in the clink, in addition to any time she served while she tried to make bond?

I try to avoid swearing, but I didn't quite make it this time.

I wonder what all the people who don't get sweet deals like that think about this!

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Whitmore2 said...

Is her conviction expungeable or sealable at some future point so that it all goes away?