Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feldkamp lawyers allowed to withdraw

This morning Judge Michael J. Sullivan allowed the law firm of Schmitt and Filler to withdraw from representing Scott Feldkamp as executor in the estates of John G. and Audrey Feldkamp. And that law firm withdrew its petitions for fees already charged to both estates.

Mark Gummerson was in court and at the bench, when Judge Sullivan granted the requests of the law firm of Schmitt and Filler to withdraw. When Judge Sullivan inquired about any Appearance filed by Gummerson, he was told it had been filed but apparently was not yet "in the system".

No explanation was given for the withdrawal of the petitions for fees, so it's open to anyone's guess how Schmitt and Filler will be paid its $8,700 for work on the two estates.

Schmitt and Filler organized their Marengo law firm in 1995, according to their website. On that website is this sentence: "The firm has a reputation for competency and integrity."

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